Lauren and Hugo

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How We Met

When I was a sophomore in college, I was very closed off to the idea of being loved and accepted by anyone one person. My life had been far from perfect and I was trying to “cut the hurt out before it even formed” or so I thought. I continued to ignore and reject offers for dates from this guy who had recently made our school’s orientation team with me at the University of North Alabama. After six months of asking just to spend time with me, I finally just told this persistent man to leave me alone and that I just did not feel that way about him. He backed off, but he said: “just know that no matter what, I care about you and I am here for you in any situation.”

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Such a graceful and humble man, right? Unable to shake that feeling of regret for a month and a half, I reached out to him and asked if he wanted to spend some time together. Two months later, we were officially dating. It is funny how things work out sometimes. For years and years, I had prayed for a man who would actively pursue me and who would challenge me in ways I never could imagine. When that prayer was answered, it was undeniably the hardest thing to accept. It is crazy how love finds you right where you are, in the middle of a mess or calm waters. Our love has and always will rest in the simplicity of each other.

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how they asked

In the last few days of April, Hugo and I had talked about all of the life changes coming up in the next year. He would mention our college graduation, our travels, our new home and new city. Somehow a life together was seldom accompanied by a proposal or a wedding. Whenever I would ask or bring it up in passing all he would say is “be patient” or “soon babe.” A life with him is always lived on the edge of your seat. Not knowing what he is thinking until we are in the midst of a crazy dream he had pictured. So, our day was not much different. One of our really close friends came into my apartment around 6:30 and told me to get ready because we had pictures at 7:15. After being woken from a nap and a few moments of having to prove why pictures were a good idea, I got up and accepted her plan.

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Walking up to campus, I became overwhelmed with all of the things it had given me and the years it had blessed me. We walked to the “Heart of UNA” to finish up our photo session right around sunset. This is and always will be my favorite spot. Still absolutely clueless of what the day had been building up to, Hugo came around the corner during our pictures and changed my life forevermore. He began to explain to me how our University has given him so many things, but the greatest and most unexpected had been me. During the moments leading up to the big question, we both could not stop smiling and laughing because we knew that life had unimaginable things in store for us and we had the chance to experience it all together. As he took a step back he said, “Lauren Nicole Snow. UNA gave me you, so at the heart of UNA, I give you mine forever. Will you marry me?” Of course, being overwhelmed with so many emotions, I nearly tackled the man of my dreams looking up at me, down on his

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Special Thanks

Ruth Ann Bates
 | Photographer