Lauren and Harley

How We Met

We met in 9th grade of high school and dated very briefly, but stayed friends for years, but always made jokes about ending up together. Once I moved back to Orlando we moved in together as roommates and after time realized that those jokes weren’t jokes and that we were really meant for each other!

Lauren and Harley's Engagement in Dade City Wild Things

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Dade City Wild Things

How They Asked

I’ve always been obsessed with otters, and have always wanted to find somewhere to play or swim with otters. For Valentine’s last year Harley told me we’d be going somewhere for the day but that he was not going to tell me where. The day came and he told me I needed to pack a swimsuit so I imagined we would be going to the beach, we drove for what felt like hours until we pulled up to a zoo and he told me I’d be swimming with otters (to which I cried of course). It was honestly the most amazing experience and I told Harley I wasn’t sure if I had any more happy tears left and his response was that there was more day left!

After playing with the otters we were walking back to the car and Harley asked me what 3 things I was thankful for that day, this has been a staple of our relationship and we say 3 things we’re thankful for every single day. After telling him how thankful I was to have such a loving boyfriend and thankful that I was able to play with otters, etc. I asked him what his 3 things were for the day to which he replied with how thankful he was for our relationship and for me and the 3rd thing he was thankful for was if I would say yes to marrying him!