Lauren and Gregory

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Schneider Arena at Providence College

How We Met

Greg and I met on the dating app OkCupid in 2014. He was the first guy to ask me what my dream job was. So I knew he did more than look at my profile photo and my screen name. We talked for almost three weeks and then decided to meet for drinks. The night we were supposed to meet my step-grandfather fell ill so I had to cancel. Greg was so understanding and gave me my space. A week later I asked if he still wanted to have a drink and he said yes with no hesitation. We met at the Grid Iron bar and grill in Warwick. I remember sitting in my car so nervous about going meeting him but I took a deep breath and walked into the bar. I saw him at the bar and I started walking his way. To this day he says he saw me first in the mirror behind the bar.

Proposal Ideas Schneider Arena at Providence College

After the awkward official introductions, he bought me a drink. We talked for over two hours about everything and anything. It was like we had known each other for years. Once we realized how late it was we decided to head out. I told him to text me and he joked saying he didn’t have it since we only talked on the app. So I gave him my number, hugged him, and said goodnight. I waited for 3 days till he asked me out again. Apparently, there was a 3-day rule I didn’t know about at the time haha. I said yes and we had our official first date the next week. We went to a Providence Bruins hockey game and had dinner. We closed the restaurant and then he asked to walk me to my car. When we got to the car he kissed me and that’s where our story began.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Schneider Arena at Providence College

how they asked

One thing you should know about our relationship is we love hockey and we love music. So when Greg asked me to go to a free skate at Schneider arena at PC I thought nothing of it. I was excited because I had never skated there before. Greg is an ice hockey referee so he has skated at almost all the ice rinks in RI. We got to the ice rink and we were the only people there. I was a little suspicious but then the rink manager came out to say we were the first people to arrive for a free skate. He showed us the locker room and we changed into our skates. Then we hit the ice and did a few laps. All of a sudden Can’t take my eyes off of you by Frankie Valli comes on which is our song. I tried to get his attention but he was skating away towards center ice. Then he wiped out and fell at center ice. I skated over to him to ask if he was ok and he said he thought he might be hurt. He has a bad knee so I got nervous and thought we were going to the hospital. So I started to help him up and then when he got to one knee he stopped. He took my hand and said Lauren Ashley I love you more than anything in the world, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?

Lauren and Gregory's Engagement in Schneider Arena at Providence College

I was sobbing after he said my name but I yelled out yes! He pulled out the ring and I kissed him before he could even put it on. Then he put it on my finger and he was looking around the rink. He looked up and we saw the scoreboard all lit up saying congratulations Greg and Lauren. He had a photographer hiding in the stands filming and taking pictures. After calling our families he said we had dinner reservations at Massimo one of our favorite Italian restaurants. We got there and who walks in but my grandparents and Greg’s parents. My grandmother brought a huge bridal gift package from my mom who was on her way to Paris. She made sure I knew how excited and happy she was for us. Then after dinner, we went home and I opened the door to find the whole apartment decorated. Then our best friends Bryana and Tony jumped out of the kitchen with champagne. They helped us toast our engagement and even decorated pucks with our initials. It was the best day of our lives and we can’t wait to start our happily ever after on May 26, 2019. I love Greg so much and I am the luckiest woman on this planet to be able to call him mine.

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