Lauren and Greg

How We Met

We actually met on Tinder while we were both in college. I was leaving for the Strongman national championships. We had a week to talk over the phone before we actually met face to face and during our first date, I knew that she was the person that I wanted to marry.

how they asked

I am training for strength athletics and I have been doing that since 2012. Not long after we met I learned that I would need to have my shoulder rebuilt from a 10 year old high school football injury. I had surgery in November of 2015. I worked very hard for 9 months to be able to compete near my hometown. I had been planning the proposal since May of 2016 and I knew when I wanted to do it, but not how. After talking with friends, competitors, and organizers of the Scottish festival, I decided to propose on the last event. In this event you have to hold a 56 pound kettlebell and throw it as high as you can. When it came time, I had already won the event and I knew this was my chance. When I threw the kettlebell I dropped to my knees and acted like I had hurt my brand new shoulder. My friend, who is a paramedic, ran up to me and acted like I was really hurt. The event coordinator, who had the ring, came running up as well. They both started calling for Lauren to come out to me. I knew that if I faked an injury she wouldn’t question why she was the only person being called to help me. While she was on her way over to me, the event coordinator handed me the ring while I was kneeling in the mud. When she got over to me, I opened the box and asked. I was more nervous to ask her than I was to compete all day. In the end, it was the best day of my life.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Johnnie Stone
 | He is my paramedic friend.
Gregg Bradshaw
 | He held the ring.
Kathryn Quintero
 | Videographer