Lauren and George


How We Met

George and I met during high school in Southern Las Vegas, but it was not the not the ‘high school sweetheart story you would expect. Back then, I was his friend’s girlfriend and very off limits. He was the peppy, funny, class clown and known flirt, who we actually dubbed ‘Horhey’ instead of George just to match his silly personality. Those short couple years felt like a lifetime then. My boyfriend and I ended up as most high school relationships do, growing apart and breaking up. I also ended up moving to Colorado for about a year and a half. We all graduated and lost touch through the few years after school. Soon came the social media craze and George and I got back in contact.

I realized we still had so much in common, love of off-roading, a lot of similar friends and we both still lived in Vegas. I had a birthday coming up and my friends and I were headed to Laughlin, NV for an off-road race weekend to celebrate. While talking about the race with him, I suddenly blurted out, ‘Hey, you are still into all this stuff, we have an extra spot in the car, why don’t you come with us?’


As soon as the question was out of my mouth, my stomach kind of jumped and I didn’t know why! It was just bringing an old friend along, right? I knew he was tight on money at the time and I half expected him to say he couldn’t make it. He accepted the invite, not even hearing all the details yet. I knew we had extra room at the hotel and thought, ‘Should I help him save some pennies and offer?’  While I toyed with the idea, I reminded myself, he has always been a good friend and it would be a fun adventure weekend. While I pitched the option to him, I quickly remembered what a flirt he was back in the day, I followed it up with, ‘Horehay you can stay with us, but if you touch me, I will kick your *&#.’ He laughed and promised he’d behave. We had an amazing time, both soaking up the fun and adrenaline fueled environment.

By the last day of the weekend, he was now MY friends friend and we were having a great time. We sat next to each other on top of the hill, overlooking the race and watching the sunset, I caught myself realizing how much I had actually missed him. There went my stomach, jumping again! Our friends said they were going to hit the hay, leaving Horhey and I to walk the riverside beach. I was kind of nervous! We stayed out super late, talking and laughing, the nerves went right out the window. I didn’t forget how easily he could make me smile. It was there next to the water, that he leaned in for our first kiss. By the end of the weekend, I was smitten and trying to fight it the whole way home, but I couldn’t. We got back to Vegas and we’ve been inseparable since. Fast forward 5 years later…


how they asked

We were headed to Disneyland for the weekend, meeting two of my best friends there, Dana and Marc. The energy was so high knowing I hadn’t seen our friends in a while. They were recently married and I knew it was bound to be a romantically fun weekend, with just the four of us. We of course, had the greatest time in the happiest place on earth and had been racing to every ride possible and wearing ourselves out like 5 year olds. As night fell and we sat and watched the parade, all three of them energetically insisted we had to go see the fireworks, they could not be missed!

We headed to the front of the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and there was no seating left. They were so bummed out. I said, “Don’t worry, you can see the fireworks from lots of places in the park.” Frustrated, they followed me to the back of the castle. As we were walking, I looked over and saw the sweetest little fountain with a rock bench we could all fit on. We sat down, resting our tired legs and everyone started to relax, talking and laughing about the fun of the day. We sat smiling and laughing with our friends, the lights of the beautiful castle came up and Tinkerbell flew over, spreading her pixie dust.


I reverted right back to my little girl self, staring at my other half with such excitement. George laughed and kissed my forehead. Dana grabbed some pennies for each of us and said, “Make a wish!” We closed our eyes, throwing the pennies up over our heads into the well, smiling like children. I couldn’t help but think about the hopes and dreams I had for George and I’s future together. We opened our eyes, exchanged smiling faces, wanting to tell each other about what we wished for, but following tradition and keeping it a secret. I looked around, taking in that magical moment, thinking this had to be one of the best days ever. A moment later, George turned to me and said, “I love you, you know.” and kissed me sweetly. I instantly felt transported into one of the fairytales I had watched all my life, but able to call this one my own.

engagement winner

I smiled from ear to ear and told him I loved him too. As I looked back towards the sparkles that filled the air, I felt him move from my side. I turned and realized he was knelt on one knee, with my hand in his. I truly thought my daydream was still happening. It was then he asked me to be his forever. In front of this beautifully lit castle, while the cheers of the crowd surrounded us, for what seemed like the longest fireworks display ever.

I must have asked him 5 times if this was really happening. He assured me it was and gave me that look that, said, “Honey, you still haven’t answered.” I laughed and squeezed his hand and said, “Of course I will, YES!!” I swear we were the only ones there, crying, laughing, kissing, feeling as if the fireworks were all for us. I still feel the rush of love and excitement every time I think about that day. I wish we could relive that moment over and over.