Lauren and Garret

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Secrets St. James, Jamaica

How We Met

Garret and I have been together since high school. We had known of each other but were never formally introduced until May 2010 when we were both down the shore with friends. As soon as I met Garret, I had a crush on him. He was cute, charming, and loved to laugh… what was there not to love?!

Soon after we met, we began talking and looked forward to seeing each other throughout the school. It became the type of relationship you think of when you hear about high school romances; we waited in the halls for one another and would walk throughout the school after the bell rang in order to spend more time together. Finally, after weeks of talking, he finally asked me out!

The rest is history…

how they asked

On Tuesday, August 8, 2017, we woke up early and headed to the beach. Garret was so relaxed that he took a nap! Why would I have any reason to think that he was about to propose in a few hours? While on the beach Garret told me he wanted to grab a drink at 6:00 at the bar prior to dinner. I agreed, not thinking anything of it.

At 6:00 the sun had just begun setting. We arrived at the Barracuda Bar. I heard the host ask Garret something about a table for two, Garret nodded his head and said yes. The waiter then began to walk us back to a private area on the beach where a table for two was waiting for them with champagne and roses. Still, I had no idea he was about to propose. I thought Garret hadn’t understood/heard what the host said and was just going with it! Therefore, I was elbowing Garret the whole time trying to get his attention and let him know that this was not included in our all-inclusive resort! Garret played dumb and even asked the waiter, “Is this part of the bar?” To which the host answered, “Yes”. So Garret looked at me and shrugged his shoulders as if saying, “It’s okay, it’s part of the bar!”

Once we sat down, a photographer came over to us. Typically this would make me suspicious. However, there were photographers all over the resort and asking to take photos of people throughout the day, so I didn’t think anything of it. The photographer asked to take a photo and Garret agreed, so we stood up. Shortly after the photographer began to click his camera, Garret turned to me and said, “You know I love you, right?” then he got down on one knee. It was THEN that everything clicked… duh.

After staring at Garret and the ring, while trying not to pass out, I said yes!

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