Lauren and Garet

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How We Met

Garet and I met 2 years ago. My best friend from college Julia came into town and we decided to go to downtown San Diego, she informed me that she had briefly met a guy and wanted to know if i would grab dinner with them if he brought a friend. As we get to dinner, I see Garet and his friend walk up, I instantly was completely jealous that my friend was the one meeting up with Garet. As the night went on, Garet and I started to talk and we totally hit it off, but it was okay because Julia wasn’t into him. Thank God! lol

how they asked

It was Garets moms birthday the week before so we decided to go to dinner with both his parents at a little restaurant near the beach in Carlsbad. When we got there he had called his parents to see if they were there yet, they let us know “they were running late” Garet said while we wait lets take a walk down the beach. It was freezing outside so I wasn’t very fond of taking a walk but he insisted. We walked down near the water and I came across a bottle in the sand with a note in it. He told me to pick the bottle up and read the letter, I couldn’t believe what was happening!

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I took the letter out and began to read, he dropped down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It really was everything I had ever dreamed of!


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