Lauren and Eric

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How We Met

Eric and I met while working in the Recreation Department at a local city in the Summer of 2015. But our story starts back in 2010. I was a Lifeguard at the pool and he was a Camp Counselor at the City’s Summer Day Camp. For 4 summers I would watch Eric come to the pool twice a week with all the campers. He would be swimming with all the kids or doing crazy jumps and flips off the diving board. I always thought I hope I don’t have to get in the water and save this guy if he jumps off the diving board wrong. My favorite memory is Eric going off the high dive and all the kids in the pool (at least 100 kids) chanting his name as he did gainer flips off the diving board.

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Flash forward to the Summer of 2015 and we both ended up working at the Community Center together. During that summer we worked a lot of shifts together whether it be rentals at the Community Center, Movies & Concerts in the Park, etc. I thought it was just going to be a summer fling, but summer came and went and before I knew it he was asking me to be his girlfriend, and the rest is history.

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How They Asked

Eric and I had gone ring shopping back in January and we ended up picking something out. I knew he had bought the ring, so it was only a matter of time before he proposed. Then he told me that I was going to have to wait till summer and that he would propose then. When everything started closing because of COVID-19, I thought I would have to wait longer for the proposal. May was coming to end and I was constantly asking him when he was planning on proposing because it was almost summer and I did not want to wait any longer. He told me that I was going to have to wait longer and the proposal will come when things started to open back up. He said it would happen more in July and to stop asking him when because he wanted it to be a surprise.

On June 6, 2020, we had decided to go on a bike ride from Huntington Beach to Newport Beach with his sister and her boyfriend. We go on this bike ride quite often, so I wasn’t suspicious of anything. However, when I got to his house he was wearing a button-up short sleeve shirt. I thought in my head, “why is he dressed up for a bike ride? Is he gonna propose?” I even called him out on it and asked why he was wearing that. That day it was overcast and he told me he was wearing it to keep warm as a layer because he had a t-shirt under it and didn’t want to wear a jacket. I believed him but still had a thought in my head that he could propose.

Eric knew that having my nails done was such a big deal for me when he did propose. However, with everything being closed, I was doing my nails myself all the time. But this weekend I felt lazy and didn’t touch up my nails as I should have. Luckily, I had a nail file with me and started filing my nails down so that they looked decent just in case he had proposed. Before we left the house I even told him, “ My nails look semi-nice just in case your propose” and we both laughed.

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During the bike ride, Eric was calm and not nervous at all. So I didn’t suspect anything. But during the bike ride, I still thought about him proposing while at the beach, but I didn’t know where. The bike ride from Huntington Beach to Newport Beach is about 8 miles. At the end of the bike path, there is a bench that we always sit at to just rest a little bit, have a water break, and then we bike back. We finish our bike ride and stopped at the bench. At that point, my butt was hurting from the ride and I did not feel like sitting down. I just wanted to stand and straddle my back, take a quick break, and bike back.

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Eric suggested multiple times I sit down and rest as we were going to be there awhile. Me being the brat and stubborn person I am kept saying no I don’t want to sit down because my butt hurt and I want o stand. Even though everytime we stop at this bench I usually sit down… He eventually stopped telling me to sit down and before I knew I looked over and saw him on one knee. The first thing that came out of my mouth was “OMG my nails are not done!” I’m pretty sure I blacked out during his speech because I was so shocked and excited and couldn’t stop staring at that gorgeous ring! All I remember was him asking me if I will marry him at the end. I had to rewatch the video over and over again to remember the moment. I told him YES, of course, I will marry you!

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I still can’t believe he was able to surprise me because I literally asked him every day when he was going to propose and was always trying to figure it out. But I couldn’t have asked for a better proposal. I can’t wait to marry this amazing man and I truly believe we were meant to be.

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