Lauren and Elliot

Image 1 of Lauren and Elliot

How We Met

We met in college while volunteering as Welcome Week Leaders showing incoming freshman around campus a week prior to school starting in the Fall of 2012. During Welcome Week, I thought he was really handsome and I was too shy to ask him for his number so I made up an excuse to talk to him outside of Welcome Week. Elliot mentioned he was in journalism school and I told him that I was applying but nervous about the application process. He offered to help me apply and assured me that we could get together so he could proof read my personal statement. Little did he know that I had already applied but I just wanted an reason to get his number and stay connected. During the course of a few months we would run into each other here and there around campus. One night we were at a friend’s party and found ourselves talking for hours, trying to get to know each other. From this point on we were inseparable and started seeing each other on a very regular basis. The rest is history.

how they asked

I woke up one morning, half asleep listening to Elliot get a phone call from his sister. It sounded really serious and urgent. Within minutes of waking up he tells me that it’s an emergency and the he needs to go help his sister immediately. Half awake and confused I tell my roommate what is going on and tell her how concerned I am for his sister. Thirty minutes later he calls me and says that something terrible has happened and he needs my help to calm his sister down. I hang up the phone, throw on clothes, and rush towards the University of Minnesota campus where she lives. He tells me to meet them in front of Coffman Memorial Union (the student center) on campus because they went on a walk to get some fresh air and ended up there. I run to Coffman, sweaty, breathing heaving, and ready to comfort his little sister. To my surprise I arrive to find my boyfriend down on one knee with nobody else in sight. He took my hand, read me a thoughtful letter he had written, and asked me to marry him. This was the exact spot we had met for the very first time about four years ago while volunteering as Welcome Week Leaders. Such an incredibly happy moment for the both of us.
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