Lauren and Eduardo

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How We Met

Unfortunate, unforeseen circumstances brought me to Texas. I was recovering from a horrible situation and looking forward to starting over with a new state and a new life. I started looking for teaching jobs and booked three interviews in the same day. The first two went great and I was hired on the spot for each but I wanted to make sure I chose the right one for me and still continued onto the third. As soon as I entered the building I had an immense sense of being in the right place at the right time. I interviewed, fell in love with the company, and was hired on the spot, but this time I accepted. One month into my new career, my school was celebrating Dr. Seuss day. We all dressed up as Dr. Seuss characters and paraded our classes into the gym where there would be a big reading of Cat In The Hat. As soon as I entered the gym, I saw him.

He was sitting with a kid, wearing a ridiculous blue wig, making the boy seriously laugh. I honestly thought to myself, that’s the kind of man I want to marry. A few weeks later he came into my classroom with one of his students asking if she could use the restroom. He touched my arm and I remember how it tingled and I thought I’ve never felt this way when anyone ever touched me. That same month we sat down together in the break room and had our first conversation. It went so well, he came back to my classroom with me and we talked for a long time until he asked me to go out with him for frozen yogurt, thus beginning our happily ever after.

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how they asked

I was in the Media Room with my students, teaching them on the smart board, when I saw him walking past the door with a cup of coffee. He had gotten another job so I was surprised to see him there out of the blue. I went to the door and he said he was bringing me coffee. I said thank you with a big smile. The next thing I knew, he turned the cup around and I saw a ring tucked into the sleeve! He pulled the sleeve down and “Will you marry me?” was written on the cup. I was shocked and surprised, even though we had talked about getting married before. I said yes, of course!

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