Lauren and Dylan

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How We Met

Dylan and I met my Freshmen year of college. It was the second week of school when a girl named Casey, who had an English class with my roommate, invited me to dinner with her and some other people that also lived in our dorm. When I got to the dining hall Casey introduced me to a couple of guys, one of them being Dylan. I know it’s cheesy to say it was love at first sight, but for me, I just knew instantaneously.

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After that night, our new found friend group ate dinner together just about every day and would hang out watching movies, playing cards, and just doing your traditional college shenanigans. Little by little, I confirmed my original gut feelings for Dylan. He was one of the most generous, funny, and kind guys I had ever met and I was always at ease around him.

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We spent many nights staying up until 2 AM just talking and laughing in the dorm’s common area, which resulted in a handful of times falling asleep in our morning classes (Sorry Professor Romanoff.) I would pull pranks on him like decorating his door with girly stickers and he taught me how to play poker.

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Two months into our friendship I caught him off guard when I said, “Just kiss me already!” He said he didn’t kiss girls he wasn’t dating, to which I answered, “Well then I guess we’re dating!”It’s been almost 6 years since. He’s always down for anything I want to do. Sailing, skiing, random trips to the middle of nowhere? He’s right by my side. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us.

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How They Asked

I thought I had won a giveaway…

I was scrolling through Instagram when I got a notification that my best friend Casey had tagged me in a comment. The post was from my favorite photographer, Katie, and she was doing a giveaway for a free hour-long couple’s session. To enter the giveaway, you had to like the photo, comment on something you were hopeful for, and tag a friend. Casey, who was newly engaged, tagged me in it and said she hoped I’d get engaged soon so we could plan our weddings together. I entered, ironically saying, I hoped I got engaged soon too! A couple of days later, when I forgot about the contest entirely, I got a DM on Instagram. It was from Katie saying I had won her contest!! I was so excited! I woke up Dylan, who was sleeping next to me, to let him know I had won. He wasn’t very enthusiastic as he isn’t a huge fan of getting his picture taken.

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When he went back to sleep as I messaged Katie back to begin planning for the photoshoot. She asked me where I wanted to take the photos and I asked her for a recommendation for somewhere near the ocean. She chose the gorgeous rocky scenery of Two Lights State Park which is on the coast of Maine in Cape Elizabeth. She gave me a couple of dates to choose from, either the 10th or the 11th of August because after those days she was booked solid for a very long time. I chose the 11th and we decided on the time to meet. I filled Dylan on the plan and then came the day of the photoshoot.

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We got ready and met Katie in Cape Elizabeth. We walked until we found a spot Katie liked and took a couple of photos. We then moved to a different spot and Katie said we were going to do a photo were Dylan picked me up and spun me around. She had Dylan practice grabbing around my waist from behind and I practice pulling my knees up so he could spin me around in my dress. Katie then had me turn around so Dylan could run up behind me.

I was standing with my back to him when I could tell something was off. I waited. One Mississippi, two Mississippi…and I didn’t feel anything or even hear him start to run. That’s when I heard Dylan say “Lauren?” So I turned around and he was on one knee with a beautiful ring in one hand, asking me to marry him. It was after Dylan put the ring on my finger and I stopped jumping up and down, that Katie and Dylan filled me in on all of the background details.

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Dylan had reached out to Katie months ago to ask her if she would do a fake giveaway in order to lure me to a beautiful spot to get engaged. He knew my hair, makeup, and nails would be done and I wouldn’t suspect something I had seemingly planned all by myself. He gave her the week of August 10th as his preferred week to get engaged as the next week we were going on vacation with his family. Katie had let him know which pose she would tell us to do to give him the cue as to when he should get into position.

In order to keep the secret, the only people who knew were Katie and Dylan’s mom, who was keeping the ring at her house. The day he picked up the ring he told me he was going to his mom’s to help her with some yard work. I remember that day because he had come home cover in dirt and sweat. It turns out he picked up the ring, drove it to his mom’s for safekeeping, and then literally rolled around in the dirt and drove home without the AC on so it would seem like he had been working in her backyard all day.

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For the rest of the photo session, he filled me in on the months of planning. We finished taking pictures and in between walking to different spots I would ask questions and Dylan would tell me all the little details he had been putting together since January to create the perfect surprise.

He really thought of everything…

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Special Thanks

Katie Milazzo
 | Photographer