Lauren and Dustin

How We Met

Dustin and I met online, TWICE! The first time was on a dating app and shortly after we matched and chatted for a few hours I decided to delete the whole app and take a break from the whole thing. Fast forward to about one month later and a girlfriend talks me into giving a try. I hesitated for hours while working on my profile, debating on whether or not I really wanted to start online dating again, but figured “oh what the heck!” Within 3 hours of activating my profile, we matched AGAIN!

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Dustin quickly messaged me and said “Hey you deleted me on Tinder! What’s your phone number so I can make sure we actually get a chance to talk this time.” A few days later we were sitting at a local restaurant on our first date people watching and sharing our bucket list ideas. We even had date #2 planned before the night was over. And from that day on we have been inseparable.

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How They Asked

Dustin and I have always been huge on doing bucket list items together, big or small! We have traveled to Spain for a giant tomato fight and swam with pigs in the Bahamas. But my all-time favorite bucket list item happened on Christmas Eve this year! He told me a few days before that we would be going on an adventure so don’t make any plans. That it would be an action-packed day and that we’d be waking up super early. Now I’ve always thought it would be super cool to wake up and watch the sunrise at one of our local beaches, we live in South Florida and then drive to the west coast for the sunset all in one day. Have no plans at all other than making it over in time for the sunset. Well, we woke up Monday morning and guess what the plan was!

Lauren and Dustin's Engagement in Lake Worth Pier

I was so excited I could not believe he remembered I ever said this. We set out for the sunrise at our local pier and I was totally clueless! As the sun started to rise we sat there being all lovey-dovey and enjoying the moment. I decided to go take a photo of the water under the pier and told him I’d be right back. When I walked back over to him I thanked him for such a wonderful morning and what I knew would be a fun day together. That’s when he asked me to stay standing! He grabbed my hand and kissed it and he then dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him. The best part is my parents and aunts were all hiding nearby watching and videoing the whole thing! It will forever be the best bucket list item of all time!