Lauren and Drew

How We Met

It all began in Athens, Georgia where Drew and I met while students at UGA. We had overlapping friend-groups and spent time doing similar things, but didn’t know each other well until Junior year. Drew needed a last minute date to the Fiji Spring Formal, and a mutual friend convinced him to ask me, knowing I would be up for any fun weekend out of town. We had an amazing time in Nashville together, and that was the start of a closer friendship. In 2011, we began our post-college lives in Atlanta with our friends, spending an embarrassing number of nights at the good ol’ Ivy. Over time it became clear to me that Drew was interested in more than friendship, and he asked me out on our first official date in 2013. I was so nervous I ended up surprising him and bringing a friend along, something that would have made most guys lose interest, but Drew asked me on a second date, and then a third. We fell in love doing our favorite things together: cheering on the Dawgs, traveling, binge-watching good TV, and eating our way through Atlanta. Drew and I really grew up together over those years. We transitioned out of college life, to post-grad life, and finally into working adults, and did most of it together. We went separate ways briefly during 2014 to continue that maturation and growth apart, quickly realized that neither of us wanted to go through life without the other, and the rest is history.

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how they asked

In February of 2017, we had a trip planned in San Francisco to go see some friends, drive the coast and visit wine country. Our first day out there was a rainy one, but we were still so excited to head south toward Big Sur on Highway 1. That afternoon, we stopped to grab a bite to eat at Pebble Beach and decided to do the famous 17-Mile Drive. Before the end of the drive, my girlfriend suggested we jump out to snag at least one picture for the day to capture our time there. As I’m standing next to Drew, smiling for a picture in the rain, he got down on one knee and proposed. I was so surprised, I’m not sure if I ever said yes or just kept screaming “WHAT!?” a million times. At this point we were absolutely soaked, so we hopped back in the car, started calling our family and friends to share the news, and began the drive toward Monterey where we were having dinner and staying the night. The rest of the trip was filled with so much love and excitement. We were showered with drinks, cards, and sweets from people we love both on the West Coast and back home in Atlanta. It really was the most perfect weekend. I’ve always been a fairly type-A person, but Drew is the opposite. When I’m feeling rigid, he coaxes me into being more flexible. When I’m narrow-minded and hyper-focused on the present, Drew looks at the big picture and helps me to relax and take life as it comes. His spontaneity and desire to live life fully brought out a side of me I didn’t know existed, and I’ve found myself appreciating life more as I’ve learned to see it through his eyes. Drew has made me a better version of myself – a more patient, self-assured, and balanced person. He does an amazing job of pushing me to try new things, while still encouraging me to remain true to what I believe in. I’m more myself now after knowing Drew than I was before I knew him. Our wedding will be held right outside of Athens on May 19, 2018. We can’t wait to celebrate our marriage in the city where it all began. It’s been almost ten years since we met, including 6 years of friendship and 3.5 of dating before Drew proposed. We are so excited to start our next chapter as husband and wife together in Brookhaven and see where God takes our story next.


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