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How We Met

Dink and I met at the most perfect time in our lives. We were both ready to throw in the towel on love and relationships and would embrace it if/when it wanted to find us. It’s true what they say, “The best things in life come to you when you least expect it.” Dink works for a telecommunications company that serviced a company that I worked for at the time. When I first met Dink, I thought he was very cute but didn’t want to mix work with my personal life. A month passed by from the first time I had met Dink and I couldn’t stop thinking about him or talking about him from what my former coworkers told me. J They convinced me to ask him out! That was the hard part because Dink was rarely the technician to address our service requests. Then, one day, Dink and a coworker came to the office to complete a service ticket. My coworker instantly messaged me that he was there so of course, I prettied myself up and walked to the receptionist area to say hello. He was very cute and funny right off the bat. I asked Dink if he could stop by my desk after he was done so that I could ask him a question about one of our phones. When he stopped by my desk, I noticed his coworker was with him and wondered how the heck would I ask him out without making a fool of myself in front of his coworker?? So I excused myself for a moment to do something, maybe print copies??? It feels like forever ago. Dink decided to make a stop at the men’s room and we happened to make our ways back to my desk at the same time, right outside my office, no one was around. So I took the plunge and asked Dink if he was married or seeing anyone, to which he said with his Southern charm, “No, ma’am.” Then, I asked if he wanted to grab a drink sometime, to which he responded, “Well, I don’t drink. I also don’t smoke. Unless I’m having a cigar, then I might have a glass of whiskey.” There I am, thinking, “OMG, did he really just say that?? Is he turning me down?? Please tell me this man is going to say something else!!” Luckily, his response came from shyness because he followed up with, “But I’d love to take you out to lunch or dinner sometime if you want to give me your number.” We exchanged numbers and went out on our first date on 2.22.2016. <3 Side note: Dink waited the “3 day rule” to reach out to me. He claims that his schedule was busy with moving, etc. We’ll let it slide since the 3 days led us to the rest of our lives together.

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how they asked

May 19, 2017 – we had a trip planned to visit my family in Edmonton, AB, Canada. It was also Dink’s first time to meet them! I, later, found out that my sister, Tiffany, and he had been planning it weeks before the trip as a part of our already scheduled trip to Jasper National Park. The second day there, we all drove to Jasper and decided to show Dink the mountains and the beautiful lakes. When we arrived at Pyramid Lake, we found a lookout and stopped to take pictures. My sister set it up by asking Dink questions about his nieces and nephew, whom I absolutely adore like my own. Dink told her his brother caught them on video talking about me and wanted to show us the video. In the video, his nieces and nephew said they couldn’t wait for us to get married and wondered what they would call me after we did. Afterwards, they turned to the camera and said, “You’re turn, Quintin!!!” I turned around and there was my nephew, Quintin, handing me a ring box with a Taco Bell hot sauce packet that said ‘Marry Me?’ on it and said, “Dink has something to ask you. Turn around!!” I turned around and Dink was on one knee with another ring box with my gorgeous ring inside!! I, then, hear my sister tell my baby nephew, George, to hand me something. It was another hot sauce packet that said ‘I Do!’! The back story behind the hot sauce packets comes from one of our first dates. We knew early on in the relationship we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives. During one casual date at Taco Bell in the very beginning, we were given these two hot sauce packets and made a joke that even Taco Bell knew we were meant to be together. :-) Dink kept them for this exact day! I said YES!!

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Special Thanks

Tiffany Brochu
 | Planning
Joel Brochu
 | Videographer
Quintin Nguyen
 | Planning