Lauren and Dillon

How We Met: Dillon and I met our sophomore year of college. My big sister, Anna, from my sorority introduced us to each other. Little did I know, Dillon knew about me a year earlier when he saw me studying in the library. He later told me the story a while into dating. After getting introduced to Dillon, I thought he was a really sweet guy, however, we were both talking to other people at the time. A couple months later, and both of us being single, Dillon asked me to hang out. I said yes and we went on our first date the following night. He took me to get frozen yogurt as we sat on a hill and looked out over the city. We talked for 3 hours straight. Ever since that night, we became inseparable.

Image 2 of Lauren and Dillon

how they asked: Dillon asked me to marry him on May 5th, 2015. 2 years and a day from the night he asked me to be his girlfriend. We were celebrating our 2 year anniversary and Dillon said he had some surprises for me.

The night started off with a romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant. Next, he told me we were going on a scavenger hunt ar ound town. We stopped at the frozen yogurt store that we went to on our first date, and then we went to a few spots around our college campus; spots that were special to us- The place where we had our first kiss, the place he told me he loved me, etc. We went to our next destination and Dillon turned around and said, “We have one more place, but I need you to put this blindfold on.”My stomach was in knots. So many thoughts were running through my head.

The car finally stopped and he told me to get out of the car. He grabbed my hand and led me to our last spot. I was praying that I wouldn’t trip in my heels. As we were walking, I started hearing music and I began to cry. He told me to take my blindfold off and I was standing in the middle of a clock tower on our campus. The area was covered in roses and candles. Around the clock tower was all of our close friends and family. I completely lost it when I saw Dillon kneel down in front of me.

Image 3 of Lauren and Dillon

I looked down and saw the prettiest ring I have ever seen. It was passed down from generations in his family which meant so much to me. I was crying so hard, I could barely see straight. He put the beautiful ring on my finger and then I grabbed his neck so tight. After he proposed, our families had a party waiting for us. It was the most amazing night of my entire life. I am marrying the man of my dreams and I can’t wait to be Mrs. Nicholson.

Image 1 of Lauren and Dillon