Lauren and Derek


How We Met

Derek and I have been high school sweethearts since 2006. I was a freshman and he was a junior in high school, and long story short….we met on MySpace. I wish I was joking, but hey it was super popular back then. Throughout our relationship we knew we would end up together, but we never rushed anything. Overcoming obstacles most couples should’t have to go through, mainly talking about long distance for six years, is definitely what made us stronger than ever. Can’t say I have had any regrets these last ten years! Derek


how they asked

On August 31, 2013 (Derek’s birthday) we were suppose to go skydiving for his 24th birthday with a group of friends. Little did I know he was going to propose as I was flying out of a plane! Well, that didn’t happen because of the weather conditions earlier that day. Long story short, my mom had this HUGE banner made that read “Lauren will you marry me?” since I was suppose to see it in mid air. Everyone knew that our skydiving plans had been canceled for hours, except for me. I have always been oblivious in every way possible! So as our family members stalled to relocate to our favorite spot close to home, Lapham Peak State Forest, we literally drove to the skydive location to kill time. Derek received a “phone call” from his best friend saying that they just had canceled our appointment due to weather. Which was true, but that’s when I found out we wouldn’t be jumping out of a plane (THANK GOD!).

So no skydiving but still lounging in workout clothes, our group mentioned how they still wanted to do something active. Lapham Peak came up and I agreed to go hike for a couple hours before heading to Milwaukee to celebrate Derek’s birthday. We climbed our favorite wooden tower overlooking most of our county and BAM! I saw the sign and immediately started talking as Derek was proposing to me. He knows I can’t stop chatting if I am excited or nervous, so it was nothing new to him. Seeing my family members who had flown in from Maryland (where I am from), Derek’s family, and a majority of our friends was so overwhelming in the best way possible. I couldn’t have asked for a better day…other than our wedding day of course! So happy I found my forever at the age of fourteen.






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