Lauren and Dean

How We Met

Lauren and Dean met while working at Calphalon in the Fall of 2010. It all started when Dean needed a last minute petsitter and Lauren came to the rescue. She invited him to stay for dinner when he brought the dogs to her apartment. After hours of conversation & laughter, they discovered their shared love for food, music & german made cars. Who would have thought an engineer & designer would hit it off so well!

In the months that followed their paths crossed more frequently outside of work through kickball games & happy hours. The rest is history….

Three years ago we started our very own small business, Block & Hammer, with the hope of earning money for our one day “wedding” and other fun adventures. We love working together everyday after our exhausting 9-5 jobs. We have now successfully saved enough money to have the wedding of our dreams!


how they asked

We had been planning to spend Christmas in New York City all year long, because what is better than NYC at Christmas time? We spent several days eating our way through Manhattan and were hoping to visit the top of Rockefeller Center, but the weather was so bad every time we tried to go! About 3 hours before our flight, Dean decided we shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit the Top of the Rock. As we went through security, the metal detector went off when Dean walked through. He quietly told the operator about the secret platinum amazingness in his pocket and she obliged… THANK GOD. whew!

We made our way to the top and lo & behold, Dean learns that Lauren is AFRAID OF HEIGHTS. He kept asking her to “come to the edge” for a picture and she just stood in the middle of the roof like a statue. There were several Brides/Grooms up there taking wedding photos, which kept Lauren’s attention occupied while Dean decided on just the right spot to make his move. When the time was right and the edge was clear of tourists, Dean asked Lauren to take a photo with him. Dean’s brother, his mom and a complete stranger were all ready with cameras in hand to capture what came next.



Being a designer, Lauren was excited to announce our engagement in a unique way. She decided to create “instagram” post cards to tell our friends and family the big news. We received pictures of their reactions and were able to incorporate them into our 2015 Year in Review video (MUST WATCH!), which we used to tell the rest of our friends on social media.