Lauren and Dean

How They Asked

The weekend before Christmas, we were headed into New York City with 2 of our friends (another couple) to see the Rockefeller Tree, poke around at the pop-up holiday shops in Bryant Park, and go to brunch at a rooftop bar. My now-fiancé (Dean) and I will have been together for 7 years this January, so we are high-school sweethearts! I’m very much a homebody, so whenever Dean can get me out of the house, it’s a major win for him. Going to the Brooklyn Bridge Park wasn’t part of our original to-do list, but one of our friends suggested it at the last minute.

When we got there, we walked past 3 different brides having their wedding photos taken- little did I know, I would become a bridge-to-be just a few short minutes later! We got to the pier and our friends suggested a photo since the scenery and backdrop was gorgeous with the city skyline and bridge behind us.

As they were taking the photo, Dean turned me to face him and got down on his knee! It was perfect. Dean works in the city, so he had walked the park a few days earlier to find the perfect spot. Simple, sweet, gorgeous scenery, and not packed with people. It will be a Merry Christmas for sure!

Special Thanks

Allison Spencer
 | Photographer
Zach Mendle
 | Videographer