Lauren and David

onlineHow We Met: A friend of mine invited my girl friends and I to join his group for Oktoberfest.  David’s friend, who was also in the group, invited him to set him up with another girl.  When we got to Oktoberfest, David and I instantly struck up conversation and hit it off.  At one point, the girl he was getting set up with grabbed him away and claimed him for the night.  Whenever we got the chance, we made jokes to each other and talked in hashtags all night – this was right after the Jimmy Fallon and JT skit so we weren’t THAT weird haha!  I wasn’t looking for anything serious so I just thought, well whatever – he was cute.  As the night progressed, David and this girl were all over each other, and I was the DD witnessing it all!  I dropped everyone back off at our friend’s condo and drove off.  The next night, I received a friend request on facebook from David.  He messaged me apologizing for his actions, that it was unlike him and he had really been interested in talking to me all night.  He wanted to take me out, so after doing some snooping into what happened with him and the other girl – which was absolutely nothing – I decided, why not get a free meal!  Well we planned a date for Friday, but decided to meet for drinks on Monday.  Things went so well, we couldn’t wait until Friday, so we met for ice cream Wednesday.  After planning our amazing first date and the personal details he put into it, I knew I had to give him a real shot.  Our second date topped the first and I was hooked! Love always happens when you least expect it – he truly blew my mind!

how they asked: Back in January, David told me he had to go to San Francisco in April for work.  He was going to see if he could get it approved to fly in the weekend before so we could explore.  He travels frequently for work and I love to travel, so I wasn’t suspicious at all!  As we were packing, David packed like he would any other business trip – suits, dress shoes, his laptop, etc.  Every month we do a special date night, and if we’re going on a trip, we plan it that weekend.   David is a romantic, so most of the time these dates are a complete surprise to me!  Well, he told me how to pack and helped me pick out an outfit.  After a whirlwind Saturday morning/afternoon exploring the bay on bikes, we headed out to catch the ferry to Sausalito for dinner.  The driver had no idea where she was going and we missed the ferry across the bay! Not going to lie, I had a total melt down on the pier thinking I was ruining the one trip I let him plan!

Once we get over to Point Cavallo, it was windy, cold, and too foggy to watch the sunset, so he asked if I wanted to go get a drink at the bar – well, it was closed for a wedding. Things just kept piling up! So finally he said, “Ok, let’s just go get some pictures”.  I was so frazzled by this point, but I love pictures and documenting our travels!  As we’re struggling to take a selfie, a woman approaches us and offers to take a photo.  After she takes one, she has me come check it out and I ask her to take one more.  When I get back over to David, he puts his arm around me, kisses my cheek, and gets down on one knee.  At this point, my emotions were all over the place and I start crying! Suddenly nothing that happened earlier mattered – some random person having my phone didn’t even matter!  Well, she wasn’t a random person – she was a photographer.  David and her had been in cahoots for weeks planning the entire proposal! We took the next hour and half shooting our proposal photos in the beautiful area around the golden gate bridge.  It was cold and windy, but truly a picture perfect moment!

Oh, and it was never a business trip – he had been planning this whole thing for months!



Photos by Olivia Smartt