Lauren and Dave

How We Met:
Dave and I have quite a story. I met him after I decided to move to Orlando, Fl to work for Disney. My dad was networking for work and let one of his contacts know I was moving. His contact, who happened to be Dave’s old scout master, gave my dad Dave’s contact information for me. We communicated through email for a bit before deciding to meet up. I was really just looking for a friendly face to hang out with as I didn’t know a lot of people. Dave and I first met face-to-face at EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival in 2009. I was expecting a late 20-something tall guy with a girlfriend. Dave was not what I expected. He was fairly short (my height 5’4″) and fairly young (24). We walked around the world and ate and drank. We talked about food, Florida life, and ourselves. I even met some of his friends who were working that day (Dave is a chef assistant at Disney so he knows lots of people involved in the Food and Wine Festival!).

Dave and I actually ended up being from the same hometown (West Chester, Pa) and we lived 5 minutes from each other most of our lives. He even went to high school with my cousin for two years! Our paths never met until I moved to Disney. We officially started dating on October 21st, 2009 which happened to be the day that my brother proposed to his fiance.

how they asked:
Dave and I love good beer and even better music. We don’t really do clubs. Our favorite bar to visit is Jellyrolls, a dueling piano bar at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort. We go so much that the piano players know us and we even hang out with them outside of the place from time to time.

For our 2 year anniversary we decided to have a staycation for 2 nights at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. I have never been able to stay on property so this was special to me. We planned a full day of visiting the Food and Wine Festival and eating dinner at Citricos at Disney’s Grand Floridian. I thought that if Dave was going to propose it would have been over dinner or maybe at EPCOT. A few weeks before our anniversary, I asked Dave if we could invite our friends to Jellyrolls to help us celebrate our anniversary. He agreed and so our plans were to hit up our favorite place after dinner. Some of our friends met us there and we began to enjoy a nice night of music and beer. During the second set, I got picked on for not participating in the audience participation of Benny and the Jets.

This part I knew was unplanned, but they piano players still made me stand up and sing “Benny” to the crowd at the top of my lungs. When Michael and Matt (our favorites) came up for the 3rd set everything was going normal. Until Michael said, “We hear Lauren and Dave are celebrating their 2 year anniversary let’s get them on stage.”

Well pick on me once, fine. Pick on me twice I get a little annoyed. I reluctantly got on stage with Dave in tow. They made us do the Tree Dance with Matt as our guide (even though we knew it by heart). After the song ended I began to walk off stage not even noticing that Matt had handed Dave the microphone.

Dave said, “Lauren where are you going?” I turned around a little surprised that he had a microphone and walked back to him confused.

Dave then said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Lauren and I have been dating for two years now and I just wanted to ask her something.”

By this time I had realized what was going on and began to tear up not being able to believe it. Dave asked me to marry him and I said “yes” to a cheering audience of 100 plus. After we got off stage Michael, Matt, Danny, and Johnny, (the 4 piano men that night) all came on stage and sang “I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz. It was quite awesome and I excited to marry my best friend in 2013!

Photography by Orlando, Florida wedding and lifestyle photographer; Casie Shimansky.