Lauren and Dane

How We Met

To this day, neither one of can tell you exactly how we met! We know it was towards the spring semester during our freshman year of college. We have narrowed it down to a hookah bar I worked at that he and his friends used to go to. But we did not start dating until nearly three years later. We didn’t even get to go on our first official date after he asked until a couple months later due to holidays and illnesses! But once we got together, we’ve been inseparable ever since, even though the past two and a half years were spent long distance :)

how they asked

Shortly after we announced we were planning a trip to Italy, it was my mom and aunt who were the first to mention us getting engaged during the trip. At first, I denied it because 1) we hadn’t really talked about getting engaged and 2) we were still long distance with no concrete plans to move to the same city. Then a couple months before the trip, the topic of engagement rings came up between us in which he mentioned his dislike towards the societal pressure of having to buy an engagement ring, claiming he’d rather make me one because it would be more special. Which I didn’t disagree, but come on, what girl doesn’t want a diamond?! So I figured, Okay we are definitely not on the same page, so my belief this wouldn’t be happening during the trip was confirmed. Then during our last day in Rome before heading to Florence, we went to a place called Giardino Degli Aranci, which means Garden of Oranges. It was this old building atop one of the seven hills of Rome with grounds full of orange trees with a view of the entire city of Rome. After taking in the sites, we were getting ready to leave when he suggested we take a photo in from of the orange trees. I suggested we take it a step further and take a photo of him picking me up to pick an orange. So after he set up his GoPro on a tripod and it took the photo of us posed regular, I starting looking into the tree to find the perfect orange to pick and when I did, I put my arms out for him to pick me up as he asked if I was ready and I said Yes. When I looked down from the tree, he had a ring box open in his hands and was getting down on one knee. I was legitimately so shocked that the emotional feeling didn’t even hit me for a moment. If felt like ti took FOREVER for him to get the words out of his mouth. So long that I am pretty sure I said, “Of course!” before he even officially asked!

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