Lauren and Curtis

Lauren and Curtis's Engagement in My parents backyard in Texas

How We Met

We met on Bumble! I had just gotten back into dating and thought Bumble would be a great place to start since I felt I had a little more control. We matched within the first couple of days of me being back on the app and hit it off immediately. Within a few days, we moved our conversation from the app to texting and planned a date for the following week.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in My parents backyard in Texas

On our first date we had tacos (we live in Texas so that was a must) and then went bowling so we would be able to talk throughout the night. After we bowled, we went back to the restaurant to pick up my car and ended up talking in the parking lot for HOURS. Some 3 hours later, we are still sitting in the parking lot talking when a police officer came up to the car to ask us what we were doing… We explained that we had just been chatting and lost track of time, but it took some convincing for him to believe us…

How They Asked

We knew pretty early in our relationship that we wanted to be together forever and that we would get engaged sometime before his 25th birthday this July, but quarantine made that a little difficult.

My family has owned a photography company most of my life, so my brother and I grew up used to being in front of the camera, which meant I didn’t think twice when my parents suggested we take some pictures in the backyard since we were all dressed relatively nice for Easter.

We went through all the traditional family pictures and then it was time for a few with Curtis. After we took the few posed photographs I expected, I went to walk off to go inside for dinner when he pulled on my hand and turned me to face him. I pretty quickly realized what was happening and began to laugh and cry (nobody told me to wear waterproof mascara though…) while he asked me to spend the rest of our lives together!

While it wasn’t a crazy elaborate proposal (he planned the proposal itself in under 24 hours) it was perfect for us, and we have a heck of a story to tell our kids one day about what was going on in the world when we got engaged!

Special Thanks

Lance Phegley
 | Photographer
Brandon (brother of bride-to-be)
 | Planning