Lauren and Creston


How We Met

July 5,2008- I was dragged to a Bon fire by one of my best friends to meet people since I was just going into high school. I was being introduced to person after person attempting to by friendly while keeping my cool. Eventually I was introduced to Creston, who id heard of before. He was overly friendly and made me feel so comfortable. As our friend Zach Hinson sang by the Bon fire, the rest of us gathered around to listen and star gaze. Fast forward two weeks, I went to the back to school dance with all my girl friends. As an awkwardly shy girl, I made attempts reintroducing myself to all the people I had met at the bon fire and dancing with them all.

I saw Creston again but didn’t get a chance to dance with him. On the first day of high school, in my athletic training class, I noticed that Creston was sitting in the back. When class began, we were asked to partner with someone we didn’t know so immediately partnered with Creston. He laughed and smiled as we began to get to know eachother. As the quarter went along, we got to know eachother well. We went to sporting events together and he often took me home from school as I was 15 and he was a senior. In the spring, I asked Creston to TOLO and we began dating from there. As a young high schooler and he going to college, we had our ups and downs. I eventually moved away to college but the distance only made our hearts grow founder. Eventually, I moved back to Yakima and we were able to continue our love story. We had been together since, marking 7 years last March!

how they asked

we had talked of marriage for a few years but were waiting to start our careers and be financially stable. When Creston graduated from the police academy and me half way through nursing school, I knew the time was getting close. We love going on adventures together so this summer we made sure to keep that going. We left for our annual backpacking trip in July, where we planned to hike 30 miles in 4 days, and I was secretly hoping the moment was finally going to happen! We hiked 11 miles the first day, hiking into the dark as we made it to our campsite at waptus lake. As we began to cook dinner, we heard bears trampling near by so we are starbursts and trail mix for dinner. The second day we woke up unsure if we should go on to the next lake, which included a steep hike with heavy packs or fish at waptus lake. We opted for spade lake thinking we would regret not going. After hiking for 2 hours, we thought we had to be getting close but the dark rain clouds were closer.

Soon we were out of water and the rain was pouring down causing us to turn around and head back to waptus lake. When we got back to waptus lake, the rain had paused perfectly so we could set up camp and change into dry clothes. Creston went to filter water while I changed. When he came back, he said he found a group that would take a picture for us that we could frame since we had just moved in together. Thinking I looked terrible and was exhausted, I was hesitant but finally agreed. When we got the group by the lake, Creston said he forgot the selfie stick which was odd since people were taking our picture but was so tired I went along with it. He had someone take pictures with our camera and our phone with a view of the mountain. I thought they were awkwardly taking too many picture when all of a sudden Creston said “Lauren, I love you….” And from there I began to cry as I saw him go to one knee, in the lake with a beautiful view.



I don’t remember what was said I was just crying with excitement. I went into the hike thinking it was going to happen, but after a day of hiking in the rain and being so exhausted I didn’t think it was possible. But finally, after 7 years, I could not be more excited to be engaged and to get to marry my best friend! We celebrated that night with the loudest thunderstorms and bear sounds I’ve ever heard.