Lauren and Cory

How We Met: Although we both grew up in State College, PA (also known as Penn State or Happy Valley), it wasn’t until our freshman year in high school that Cory and I would meet. When we were both in 6th grade we joined the Welch Pool Swimming Team but we never officially met one another. Then we shared the hallways of Park Forest Middle School, again, never meeting. It wasn’t until our freshman year in high school that we were introduced to each other by mutual friends.

High School made both of us two small fish in a large pond as we graduated with close to 800 other students. The chances of us meeting each other were slim and the chance that we both would make it out of the pond together was even slimmer. The majority of high school we were part of the same group of friends. This time allowed us to grow closer together but it wasn’t until I asked Cory to take part in the Centre Dance Nutcracker in December of 2005 that our relationship began to grow stronger. I played the part of Clara and Cory played the Nutcracker Prince. Unlike a prince who always gets the fair maiden, I initially turned Cory down. A few months later we both couldn’t fight the feeling anymore and we pursued the relationship we had tried for months earlier. Moving on from high school, we were going to take on Penn State University and our lives together.

As we both shared many memories and experiences throughout our years at Penn State, we both developed an unshakeable desire to remain together. As many of our friends drifted apart and relationships ended, we grew closer together. With college coming to an end in 2010, we both had decisions to make. I made the decision to follow Cory wherever he got into graduate school. This display of affection and generosity towards Cory and his aspirations showed Cory my true colors. Never wanting to lose this urged Cory to develop a proposal plan and soon after it was history. So now as we prepare for our special day while living in Dallas, Texas it seems as though we have known each other forever and that we will love each other always.

how they asked: My dad gave us a very generous graduation gift. We were going to SAINT MAARTEN!!!!! We were so excited. We left on June 20, 2010 and after many flight problems we finally arrived late that evening. Making our way through airports and security and arriving at the hotel, Cory was being uncharacteristically quiet. I kept asking if everything was okay. The next morning, June 21, 2010, we woke up early and hit the beach. We were beach bums all day until about 5:30 pm that evening.

After a long day at the beach we got cleaned up and walked down the street to a seafood restaurant for dinner. When we were walking in, I remember saying that the place was WAY to expensive and our first night there we should not blow all of our money! Cory reassured me that it was alright and we were on vacation! All during dinner, he was quiet again. We finished dinner and walked the length of the beach back towards the hotel. Tiki torches lit, ocean waves crashing, 78 degrees….IT WAS PERFECT!

We walked out onto a dock to take a picture and I turned around only to find Cory on one knee. Saying I was shocked is an understatement.

Cory mumbled and was sweating! It was SO cute! I loved that he was nervous and excited all at the same time. I am pretty sure I blacked out at this point but all I remember is grabbing that diamond and being so excited to begin planning the wedding and spending the rest of my life with Cory! What a perfect first night in Saint Maarten! We finished our walk and went back to the hotel and began i-chatting with our families who were all in the know already!

We spent the rest of the week talking about wedding plans, bridal party, wedding location, our future and worrying the ring would fall off and get lost in the ocean, it was too big but I couldn’t bare to take it off!

It was a beautiful day and an amazing week and I will remember it for the rest of my life. Saint Maarten will always have a special place in our hearts as the island that was the beginning to a new life adventure for us as a couple! I could not have asked for a better proposal! Oh yeah….and I said YES!

Photographer: Don Mamone Photography.
Lauren is a Wedding Specialist for Edison’s in Dallas, Texas!