Lauren and Corey

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How We Met

This part is so hard to remember LOL. We met in December of 2012 through mutual friends. His room mates at the time worked with one of my best friends. They went to this restaurant/ bar on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Rochester Hills MI called Main street Billiards for beer pong. I had seen him once or twice and he always left early because unlike all of us had a good job and had to be up early. My friend Kirsten saw Corey one day and brought me up? I’m not real sure what happened there. We started talking and were partners one night for beer pong. That’s where it all started. We saw each other a lot after that.

how they asked

We had started planning out a trip to visit a high school friend of mine (Laurens) Sydni, and her family in Myrtle Beach. We decided to book a hotel for a night right on the ocean and spend the rest of our stay at Sydnis house. Well we actually booked a room for our first night and our last night. The whole trip was a blast, went to the ocean, out to dinner, had the best Bloody Mary at one of Sydnis favorite places called Art Burger, it was basically a meal topped off with a deep fried crab! This trip was also my son Masons first time flying. Needless to say he did awesome and loved it. Sydni also has 2 boys and they all had the best time playing together. On our last night there we decided to play some putt putt before checking into our last hotel. It was really hot but we all enjoyed the game. It was getting late so we checked in and got settled into our room. Sydni and her husband Kenny brought their boys to the hotel so the kids could play on the water park. The sun was already going down so that didn’t last long. By this time we were hungry so went to Land Shark for our last meal together and decided it would be fun to take a ride on the giant sky wheel basically connected to the restaurant. We all boarded the ride and started our way up to the tippy top the cart stopped 187 feet in the air, mind you Corey is scared of heights. Next thing I know Corey is tapping me on the leg for a ‘picture’ when I turn to look at him Sydnis husband Kenny has his phone for that ‘picture’ and Corey is on one knee. I was in shock and it’s hard to remember what happened next besides crying and hugging Corey. It was the surprise of a life time. The timing was just so perfect and even better my son was able to enjoy that moment with us. The best part is Mason actually knew this whole time! He is 6 years old and kept this giant secret from everyone! After the ride I continued to cry LOL and we did some shopping. We had such an amazing trip and it’s definitely one we will never forget.

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