Lauren and Connor

Where to Propose in Interlaken, Switzerland

How We Met

Connor and I met when I was trying to figure out where I wanted to go to college. I was stuck between the University of Tulsa or Mizzou (MIZ.) He was one of the first people I met while on campus on TU and I don’t think I need to even tell you where I decided on. Fortunately, we spent my freshman year, his sophomore year, getting to know each other and really becoming best friends, romance not even in the picture! Through the turmoils of college and the growing that we each did, it wasn’t until my junior year (1 month before he was moving to Texas for his job) that we finally did the dang thing! We were so lucky to know each other like the back of our hands before dating and so it made our long distance relationship a breeze and were 100% confident this was it for the both of us from day 1.

Lauren's Proposal in Interlaken, Switzerland

How They Asked

Connor and I were staying in Interlaken, Switzerland during the first leg of our week-long vacation in the Alps. During the planning phases, he was SO interested in this specific hike we were going to do, Neidorhorn. I didn’t even think twice though because he has an affinity for mountains and I genuinely thought he was just that excited about it! Hike day shows up and we go to buy our gondola tickets (the hike started from the top and ended in the village at the bottom.)

When asking the attendant for a “one way” pass, she smiled and printed us a “round-trip” ticket and informed us the snow was still too deep to hike down. I didn’t think twice about it and Connor played it off super well, bless his heart. We rode the beautiful gondola to the top and decided to hike as far as we could and then turn back around. Unprepared for really just how much snow there was, I was clomping through 2 feet of snow in just regular hiking shoes. Growing impatient and hangry, I kept wanting to turn around but Connor kept insisting we continue further.

We finally agreed on this clearing at the highest point of the trail along the ridge and sat down for lunch. Looking back, it truly was the perfect spot. We soaked in the BREATHTAKING view of the Swiss Alps that this hike had to show off and snacked on the cute picnic we picked up from Coop that morning. Connor had set up a GoPro on a post behind us to get a “time lapse of the mountains.” He had gotten up a few times to “check on the camera” while I was resting my eyes. Finally, he got up one last time to check on things and next thing I know, he’s tapping on my shoulder asking me to open my eyes and I turn to find my handsome hiker on one knee!!