Lauren and Colin

Lauren's Proposal in Louisville, Kentucy; Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium

How We Met

Colin and I met at O’Shea’s Irish Pub on Bardstown Road, a typical college Friday night hangout. I didn’t plan to go out that night but my friends were going to celebrate a 21st Birthday so I tagged along. Early in the night I was introduced to Colin through mutual friends. I immediately was astonished by his size and couldn’t keep my eyes off of him. We were having a great conversation when he asked for my phone number. Now, I have had way too many experiences of meeting “crazy” guys in a bar; I was not about to hand my number over to this stranger as much as I wanted to. So I declined and we parted ways to catch up with our friends. However, I made sure not to let the tall handsome man out of my sight. Eventually our friends reconnected and we picked up right where we left off. Our conversation flowed so perfectly and after another time of declining to share my number I handed it over. Colin was such a gentleman that evening (and every evening after). He got my friend and I an Uber ride home to make sure we got home safely. The following day he asked to take me on a date which I had to decline due to an accident on a treadmill. Eventually we were able to go on a date and it didn’t take me long to know he was the last man I would ever date.

What we find most amazing about our story is that we had never ran into each other before. Colin played football for the University of Louisville and I was a Ladybird on the dance team. Colin never told me he played football, I had to figure that out on my own (which is something I still admire about him). Despite our shard time in Louisville athletics and our many mutual friends, we didn’t meet until the time was right. I am so thankful I was able to cheer for him on the football sidelines and he was able to come to my very last college nationals. Although my dancing career has come to an end I will continue to cheer him on as he continues his football journey.

It seems our lives have revolved around football a bit, good thing it’s my favorite sport. Colin was drafted for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2017. He was later cut before the season began. From there our life was taken over by football tryouts all over the country. Three days before he proposed to me he was called for a tryout by the Green Bay Packers. As we were standing in the Indianapolis airport he hugged me tight and we both sank in knowing that if he made the team, he would not be home until January. He pulled me back, looked at me and said “I had something really special planned for this weekend”. I told him it was okay and we would figure everything out. After a long passionate kiss he was off to Wisconsin and I was headed back to Bagdad, Kentucky. The next day my heart sank when Colin called me to tell me he hadn’t gotten the job.

That Saturday, Colin proposed with the most wonderfully thought out plan (full details bellow). The next weekend as we were finishing our engagement pictures he got a call from Jacksonville, Florida to come down for a tryout. The next day we found out he got the job! We are so blessed that we had God’s perfect timing guiding us to begin the first steps in our life together!

how they asked

One Saturday Colin called me and told me to get ready for dinner, he was going to pick me up early. He wouldn’t give me any hints as to where we were going. An hour later we got to our destination of O’Shea’s Pub on Bardstown Road, which is where we met. We had a drink and got back in the car and stopped at 8UP, the location of our first date. We had another drink, I guess he thought I needed to be loosened up! Our final stop was at Cardinal Stadium, where he spent 4 years playing football for the University of Louisville and I spent 4 years on the dance team, cheering him on. We walked onto the field where the players run through at every game. There was a ring box on the 50 yard line and our family and friends were in the end zone. We walked together to the middle of the field where he got on one knee and asked met to marry him! Of course I said YES (or something like that, I kind of blacked out from the excitement). Colin made reservations for all of our friends and family to have dinner at a local restaurant after the proposal. It was the perfect ending to the perfect day!

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