Lauren and Christopher

Image 1 of Lauren and ChristopherHow We Met: Let’s start from the very beginning. Eighth grade. One of my friend’s at the time used to tell me about Chris Lynn and his “super hot shag hair” and I knew that I had to meet this guy. And by the beginning of my freshman year of high school, I finally got to meet the shag haired hottie. I remember walking into homeroom, and immediately saw the guy that I had been told me about. Christopher Lynn. Oddly enough, he was the total bad boy- cutting class and goofing off in the halls, and I was the goody two shoes cheerleader who wouldn’t dare leave school without permission. After first meeting in person, nothing really came from our home room friendship. We texted a little, but by sophomore year, we didn’t talk at all.

Now let’s fast forward to junior year of high school. History class and Mr. Lynn ended up in the seat in front of me. He would turn around to talk to me and eventually got comfortable enough to ask to copy my homework (because of course I always had mine done). Like he did it so much so that I totally thought he was asking to hang out with me just because he wanted to copy my homework. Thankfully though, he had different intentions.


We dated unofficially for about six months (unofficially because I had weird commitment issues). And after being apart for the next six months, we decided Image 2 of Lauren and Christopherto finally make it official. Suddenly all of my commitment issues faded away, and I no longer felt anxious about officially being in a relationship. Chris makes me feel like no one else ever had. He is truly is the most amazing man I have ever met, and I cannot believe I got lucky enough to have him all to myself.

how they asked: I had just graduated from college, so we decided to take a trip somewhere. After looking for a couple of weeks, we decided on Cancun, Mexico. After weeks of anticipation, we took off for what was yet to be the most amazing trip we had ever taken. When we landed, we found our way to the company we had reserved a ride to the hotel with and they gave us a brochure of excursions that they offered in the Cancun area. We got in the car, and started to take a look. The first thing that caught my eye was this catamaran trip that took you from Cancun to this little island off the coast, Isla Mujeres. The picture made the boat look a little crowded, but we both decided it would be so worth it to get to see this little island.

We went to the travel agent at our resort and asked for more information. He told us that if we did not want as many people on our boat, we could pay for the “platinum” ride, that only held 20 people instead of 30. He quickly mentioned the option of renting a private catamaran, but moved on when we did not as for more information. We agreed that we would go get a drink by the beach and talk about it. Honestly though, there was very little to talk about because we were both sold. I stayed back with our luggage while he went up to book our trip.Image 3 of Lauren and Christopher

Fast forward two days and we get to the marina. As were walking up, I discover that Chris had surprised me and got us a private catamaran to take us to Isla Mujeres. Not only that, but we also had a private photographer to take us around the island when we got there! WHAT! I was so excited, I couldn’t believe he had gotten us a PRIVATE boat!

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We got on the boat and were given drinks, so we immediately laid down in the front and took in the amazing water of Mexico. Our photographer was taking pictures of us the whole ride, and we even stopped to snorkel about half way through. Unfortunately for me, I got sea sick while snorkeling (who even knew that was possible?!) and we had to get back on the boat. I refused to put on sun screen after being in the water for 45 minutes because I was afraid that the smell would make me throw up (worst idea yet because I ended up a lobster). We laid up front and fell asleep as the boat took us to the island.

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When we got to Isla Mujeres, our photographer, Angelo, took us around. We got to see all of the landmarks, and got to see some of the most amazing views I’ve ever seen! He took pictures of us all around and then brought us to this super delicious restaurant on the bay. He then told us that he would give us some private time while he went to grab lunch. We finished our meal, and outside of the restaurant one of our boat crew guys was waving us down.

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I asked Chris where we were going and he just laughed with me and said “who knows? I guess we just follow him”. I went along because who doesn’t love an adventure?! We got across the island to these beautiful cliffs that we had taken pictures on earlier in the day. And waiting for us there was Angelo. He said that he loved this scenery, but the pictures from earlier hadn’t turned out well, so he wanted to re-do them.

When we got to the top of the cliff, there was a single rose waiting for me. Inside the rose was a ring and I immediately couldn’t shut up. I started jumping up and down and saying yes over and over before he could even ask me! He got down on his knee and asked me to marry him! It was the most perfect moment and it still seems like a dream! I get to marry the most loving man and I absolutely cannot wait!!

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Photography by Angelo Caravelli