Lauren and Christopher

How We Met

Christopher and I met like most couples do these days – online! I know, I know! How “untraditional”. Regardless of the “how”, we focused most of our relationship on the “why”? Somehow, for some reason, our paths crossed, and from the first date on, we knew there was a really special reason. We giggle at the question still to this day of “how did you guys meet”?

how they asked

Chris spent most of our relationship surprising me, from flowers to thoughtful gifts and trips to new cities to explore together. This proposal was no different – it truly was the ultimate surprise. We planned to take a trip to NYC for my birthday in December. We talked at length about our plans, our must-dos, and the other couple who would be meeting us there. I had never met the other couple, so I didn’t ask many questions, just went with the plans. We had pre-purchased Broadway tickets and made reservations at our favorite restaurant, STK.

We landed in NYC early Friday morning, the day before the first snowfall of the season! We walked around the city, stopped in Central Park for photos and enjoyed the window displays down Fifth Ave. His friends landed in NYC after us, and we planned to meet at a bar downtown before dinner. We arrived at our destination and went up to the rooftop for drinks. Our hostess took our coats as we headed down a long hallway towards a door.

Once outside, my heart stopped and my stomach filled with butterflies. It was a feeling I will never be able to describe, and will probably only feel again on my wedding day when I see him for the first time. A guitarist played Greatest Love Story by LANCO and I instantly knew, I was about to get engaged! We would sing this song on repeat everywhere we drove together.

The rooftop was lined with candles, rose petals, hanging lights and a light-up C & L. By the time I realized what was happening, Chris was down on one knee. I tried my best to stop crying but was so overcome with emotion and love.

Our entire relationship Chris would ask me random questions about life and our future, but this was the easiest question I ever had to answer – and just like that, Fireworks lit up the sky over the East River to celebrate the moment we gave the rest of our lives to each other! By the time I was able to take it all in, he asked me if I was ready for another surprise. Through tears I sobbed, “please no, I can’t handle anymore!” and just like that, my mom and dad walked out! When we would lay in bed and talk about our life, and proposal, I always said, “I’ll leave it up to you! But my dad needs to be asked, and I want them close by afterward to celebrate with us” and that’s just what he did.

His “friends” who were meeting us all along were my parents – they were the extra broadway tickets we purchased and reservations made at dinner for. I always knew I loved him, but that night I realized I get to marry the most genuine, selfless and kind-hearted man.

All of this was made possible with months of planning and Chris working with an incredible proposal planner in the City who took his vision and turned it into the perfect moment for us both! We spent the weekend in the City celebrating my birthday and engagement as the first snowfall came down on us. It was the proposal of a lifetime!