Lauren and Chris

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How We Met

Our story started way back in high school. We met on the first day of our final junior year semester in 2005. We had chemistry class together and soon discovered that we were in the same algebra later in the day.

Senior year we played varsity high school football together, Chris was a tight end and a defensive end while I was the place kicker. Although we were on the team together, we did not spend much time together as Chris focused on the game and not the only girl on the boys football team. Throughout high school we went to Senior Homecoming as well as Senior Prom together. After high school graduation we both went to the same college.

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One thing that has kept our love alive is our shared obession with travel and adventure. Over the past ten years together we have had the opportunity to travel to many places including Africa, London, Jamaica, Mexico, Costa Rica, France, Belguim, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, and many of the states in the U.S.!

Life has since taken us on many twists and turns since the first day we met which have caused our love to grow for eachother. We are so excited for you to share the first day of the rest of our lives with us!

how they asked

Paris was the last leg of our two week long European adventrue. Chris had managed to carry the ring through Barcelona, Rome, Venice and Prague without me noticing with the help of a running waist pouch.

The morning of began with a 4 mile run around Paris together followed by a “planned” breakfast with a friend at a local Parisian cafe. Months eariler, Chris had planted the seed that he wanted to meet up with a friend while in Paris. Since we had met up with this person on a previous trip to Belgium, I thought nothing of it.

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On the walk to the cafe we crossed the Pont de Bir-Hakeim, a bridge over the Seine with stunning views of the Eiffel tower. Chris had stopped on the deck of the bridge and suggested we take a photo. After attempting to take one ourselves, he suggested we ask a man taking photos nearby.

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The man snapped a couple pictures with our iPhone (you can see Chris trying to hide the ring box that is in his pocket!) and then asked if he could take a few photos with his camera for a blog. We agreed and as he was clicking away, Chris got down on one knee.

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With Eiffel Tower as the backdrop, Chris asked to go through all of life’s adventures together. It turns out the man was not taking photos for his blog.

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For the occasion, Chris had hired a local Parisian photographer to capture the amazing moment followed by a true engegment photo shoot around the City of Love following the proposal!

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Adventure and wanderlust…there was no better way to start the rest of our lives together!

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