Lauren and Chris' Marriage Proposal Video in Texas

Marriage Proposal Video in Texas

How We Met: It was the start of my freshmen year at Texas State University, Christopher was a sophomore. musical theatre major while I was a BFA Acting major in the theatre department. I was new to the theatre program and he was a year ahead of me one year so we ran into each other at parties and theatre events but I never looked at him twice since I was in a relationship at the time. A month into school I was cast in a play reading. Christopher always says that the night he came to see my show “time froze” That’s the way he describes it. He said that he was captivated by me that night and he knew something was different about me.

He had never dated anyone, not because of lack of interest from women or anything like that but because he always waited for God to show him who to pursue and he never heard the Lord tell him to make a move so he didn’t, until he met me. After that night he started showing up in my friend groups and I noticed him pay close attention to me. A few months later I was single and Christopher and I had a deep conversation in his car about Christ. He talked to me about his relationship with God and asked me if I had one. I was honest and said no. Christopher told me he was looking for a woman on fire for the Lord because he ultimately dated to marry. He talked to me about growing up in a Godly home and expressed his desire to have a Godly wife and his desire to be a wonderful father one day and that just captured my heart.

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I was young, I AM young but the fact that he knew himself so well, he knew what he wanted out of life, and his faith rested in something greater than himself was the most attractive thing about him. After that I knew I couldn’t let him go. Looking back 3 1/2 years later, I can see that the Lord worked in special ways to lead me to Him. Jesus used Christopher as a vessel in my life so I could learn about and see Christ more. Christopher is the greatest example of Christ to me on this earth and that is why I’m marrying him.

How He Proposed: Whenever you date someone with the intention to marry you kind of have an idea when you might tie the knot which was true in our case. After 3 years of dating we knew that the summer of my college graduation we wanted to get married. We were going on 5 months of long distance when he proposed. Chris moved to New York in August to pursue acting as I started my Senior year at Texas State. He led me to believe that he was in New York for weeks before the proposal when in reality he was in San Marcos Texas the entire time prepping for the proposal.

It was a Sunday night and I had “plans” to go out with one of my roommates. As we walked out of our house to get in the car I saw a limousine in the cul-de-sac. I jokingly said, “wow, whoever is going in that tonight is lucky!” I laughed but no one else did, they just stared at me. In that moment I knew the limousine was for me and that I was being proposed to. Why else would there be a limo waiting for us?! I was still in shock because Chris was in “New York!” So I was convinced he was proposing over Skype! I had just talked to him that morning as he rambled on about his day in the city. I got in the limo and we eventually pulled up to this amazing outside proposal site.

Marriage Proposal Video in Texas

It was originally a carport at our professors house that he cleaned out and filled with lights, candles, roses, and a projector that I watched videos of him speaking to me; all a part of the proposal.

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When I got there, I got out of the car and saw our friends and family along an aisle of roses holding candles.

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Christopher surprised me when he stepped out and took me inside this beautiful sanctuary he made for me.

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We spent the next few minutes together, just the two of us as he proposed. It was an amazing day. He put so much thought into the proposal, I couldn’t believe he did all of that for ME! I still can’t.

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