Lauren and Chris' Incredibly Romantic Proposal Video

How We Met: Christopher and Lauren met the winter of 2011 at Texas State University. After three years of dating they found themselves in a long distance relationship (Christopher in New York City and Lauren in Texas). With Lauren’s graduation upcoming and the time for the “next step” quickly approaching, Christopher went to Texas with one huge surprise!

how they asked: Chris started keeping a box for his future wife at the age of six, years before ever meeting his girlfriend Lauren. The box included letters, art projects, tickets to the first theater show he performed in, and so much more.

After meeting Lauren, he started keeping a journal. He wrote to her throughout their dating relationship without her knowing and he gave it to her at the proposal. It’s filled with heartfelt letters and pictures, but half the book is empty because he promises to continue to write to her, as they grow old….

Video by R. Scott Media