Lauren and Chris

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How We Met

Before I can really tell you how Chris and I met, I must first explain the back story. My mother moved to Australia with her family when she was 9 years old, and after growing up on a hostel for 2 years they moved into their first house. She began attending an all-girls school where she met another girl who moved from the UK with her family to live in Australia. When this friend of hers hit her mid-teens, she moved back to the UK with her family, although maintained contact and a friendship with my mother over the years. This friend of my mothers went on to have a son who is 2 years older than me, who became an online friend back in the MSN days, and in turn introduced me to his best friend when I was 15 years old. Chris.

Chris and I have known each other for years but had never met in person. At the beginning of 2016, these two friends went on a stag do in Spain which led to several drunken FaceTimes over their stay there, and this is initially what got Chris and I talking again!

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I met Chris in person in August 2016 in Glasgow after talking to him every single day from the beginning of that year leading up to then. It was a crazy experience, he literally met my mum 30 seconds after meeting me, and then I meeting his family not 24 hours later – but we truly hit it off.

In that short time, we spent together on my holiday we had our own mini holiday and days and nights out. And the more I spent time with him I really New this was something that I didn’t see coming.

We knew long distance would be a struggle with myself being from Australia and him England, but it wasn’t long before I obtained my British passport and moved over with a one-way ticket the following year at the end of January, and moved in together. It was a whirlwind start and by far a leap of faith having only been together officially just shy of 4 months and having only spent about a month of that time in each other’s company, but I knew it was worth it, and it turns out my instincts were right.

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how they asked

At this stage Chris and I have been together just shy of 2 years, there’s been jokes from family members about us getting married but nothing ever suggested he was thinking of it yet.

Earlier in the week, we started discussing going out for the night after work on Friday, saying it had been ages since we’d spent time just the two of us. So when Friday eventually rolled around I was none the wiser. We went to our usual favorite for dinner and then onto one of our usual bars Jimmy’s which is a glam rocker themed bar in Manchester City center.

We were there for an hour I think before I went to order another drink, when I got back he told me he had gotten a present for me, and gave me a soup Tupperware container. To say I was confused was an understatement, but even after opening the container and then the ring box hidden inside I still didn’t catch on to what was going on. He asked me to marry him, and all I can remember is asking if he was ‘joking’ haha, shock had literally taken over!

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After it all he told me that he could have taken me abroad and done it or done some massive display, but he knew that wasn’t me and it wasn’t who we were as a couple, he wanted it to be intimate and casual in a place we both loved.

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It’s insane to think 2016 I was living in Australia and talking to some guy on the other side of the world. If someone told me then I’d be engaged to him in 2018, I would never have believed it. It’s crazy what love does.

if you’d like to feature images of us and the ring (as we didn’t have a photographer capture the moment) send me an email to and I can send some over :)

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Special Thanks

Linda, my mum
 | Chris asked for permission when we visited Australia last year
Carolyn, his mum
 | Helped him pick out the design for the ring, then hide it from me in the house