Lauren and Chase

How We Met

The same person told us about each other a year and a half ago! And we didn’t know each other. We later met briefly and ran into each other around our church a couple of different times over the next 6 months or so. One time after our longest conversation (3 minutes tops), I texted a friend jokingly saying how I had talked to him and should probably marry him! This January, he was at a meeting at my work and left a sticky note on my desk asking me out. I freaked out! I actually somewhat caught him in the act but we both played it cool (he said he couldn’t tell I was nervous) and he asked me out in person. Unbeknownst to me, he had been trying to figure out how to ask me out. And he had found the perfect opportunity! I texted him a couple of days later, we went to dinner. Then we went to dinner again. And again. And eventually made it official.

how they asked

I went on a girls trip to Italy mid-September and had the best week! We were nearing the end of the trip and the girls, Mallory and Krista, kept talking about this “nice night” we were going to have. So I had packed a dress and went along with the fun, curled my hair, and even FaceTimed my mom and sister while getting ready, just checking in from across the world. We were in Sala Comacina on Lake Como and had a boat ride and dinner planned. We walked out of our AirBnb and Mallory had a bottle of champagne out of nowhere. I made a joke about it, but didn’t really think much about it… we had been enjoying wine all week!

Where to Propose in Lake Como, Italy

We walked down to the dock and hopped on our private boat ride. About ten minutes in, we stopped at an old residence you can tour, Villa del Balbianello. I remembered the girls mentioning we would stop and see something, but again, I was just going along with whatever. I was having the trip of a lifetime! We start walking around the residence, looking around, taking pictures. It was stunning! At one lookout, I casually said, “I could get married here!” Krista was acting weird saying her feet hurt and Mallory took a picture of me and her hand was shaking like crazy! Why would I not believe Krista needed to slow down because she was tired and Mallory was starving? I mean, we are girls, it’s normal. We turn around a corner and there is this big, beautiful tree and people walking around, taking pictures.

A guy caught my eye because he standing still, looking in our direction. I said, “Whoa, that guy looks like Chase.” But of course, it couldn’t have been Chase because I was in Italy and Chase was in America (specifically “at Dollywood with the youth group”). I put my sunglasses back on and kept walking. But looked back up again and this guy was standing still as a statue staring at me. I just stared back thinking, that can’t be Chase but why is this man who looks just like him staring at me? Then Mallory said, “Well if he looks like him, why don’t you go talk to him?” I live in Tennessee and my friend Krista lives in California, while Mallory lives in Texas. So, I would have no reason to believe they’ve ever talked to Chase! I started to realize that this was actually my boyfriend and simultaneously started to lose feeling in my limbs.

Proposal Ideas Lake Como, Italy

He stood there, grinning, and I said: “WHAT IS HAPPENING?!” I walked to him, freaking out, gave him a big hug, still in shock that he was IN ITALY. HOW!? Once it had registered that it was actually Chase, I knew he was there to propose. He held my hands, shaking, as you would expect, said some really sweet things to me, and got down on one knee. He asked if I would marry him and I shouted, “YES!” I had 100 questions after including, “When did you get here?” “Did you ask my dad?” “Are you staying?” “Do my friends know?” And then, of course, I had to hear how he had coordinated a proposal in Italy with two friends in California and Texas while living in Tennessee himself. The boat driver was in on it, too! And our AirBnb host! I had absolutely no idea. Never once saw it coming. We took some amazing photos (creds to Mallory and Krista) and then the four of us had another hour of our boat ride around Lake Como! It was an absolute dream! I couldn’t be more thankful!