Lauren and Charles

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How We Met

Charles and I met in college. We had mutual friends and I often saw him walking through the nursing building (which was my major). I always thought he was super cute and even initiated a quick chat with him one day. Fast forward a few weeks, in December (2014) we were both at a small party one night. We were playing typical college games, but I tapped out early and went home instead of going with the group to a bonfire. I woke up the next day with a private message from Charles via GroupMe to see how I was doing since he didn’t see me the rest of the night. We made jokes and after so many messages ended up linking for breakfast the same day. We have been inseparable since.

How They Asked

Charles told me a couple of months before his birthday that he wanted to go skydiving for his birthday. As a little background knowledge, I asked Charles years ago and several times to go skydiving with me. He kept putting it off and I stopped asking. Imagine my surprise when he said that’s what he wanted to do this year for his 28th birthday! The thing about it is, I did NOT want to do it. I’m not sure what had changed, but I was not feeling 2020 and was very hesitant about the skydiving. I didn’t tell him until about 2 weeks before how I was feeling, but at that point, it was already paid for and we were going.

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May 29, 2020, was the day. He wanted to go shopping for outfits that would be fitting for skydiving that would also look good in the video. I remember thinking he was so corny for trying to get coordinating outfits. I also distinctly remember him asking me, “So are you going to do something to your hair?” as I was getting ready, but I was too nervous to really get offended.

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I was sick to my stomach the entire day with anticipation of “the jump.” We get there and he goes to his car twice, which I thought was weird, but again… I was nervous. The thought of jumping out of a plane in less than an hour plagued my mind.

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Charles jumped first, then it was my turn. I screamed I was free-falling, I forgot to smile for the camera, I felt weightless. The parachute opened and my heart finally slowed as we came in for a landing. The view was amazing! Then I saw… a huge sign that read “Will You Marry Me” on the ground. My heart started beating just as fast as it had when I jumped from the plane.

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I landed a few seconds later and walked over to Charles on one knee next to the sign I just saw with all of our closest friends nearby. I wanted to cry when he shared his vision for our future together. I had imagined 100 different ways of saying yes to Charles, but that day he asked and I was so shocked and buzzing with adrenaline that I barely got out “yeah.” I was elated!

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