Lauren and Chad


How We Met

Chad and Lauren met in May 2011, when Chad came into the hotel bar where Lauren worked and Chad’s former manager was also working. Their conversation started with some small talk about craft beer and Chad let Lauren pick out each beer he drank…since

he disappointed her and ordered a Corona first! After a long night of chatting, Chad left. Shortly after he left, Lauren told her manager (the one he knew as well) , that it was alright to send him her number! A week went by and Chad called!

Lauren was in her last semester of nursing school and her free time was pretty limited so they decided to meet up for a beer after Chad got out of work one night. The one beer turned into 2 and last call at the Ale House! When Chad walked Lauren to her car, he asked to take her out later that week. Our first date was a few days later…he took me to dinner at Ceviche where we enjoyed amazing food and even better conversation. We ended the night with a walk around Lake Eola. It was pretty perfect!

Since that night we have seen eachother through some hard times between school and work and new careers but we always make time for each other and we spend a lot of time laughing…with and at each other!!

how they asked

So, even though we had secretly been planning our wedding since October 2015, Lauren was still awaiting an “official” proposal! She really wanted a pearl as the main stone in her engagement ring and her mother graciously offered to give her a pearl that had belonged to her great grandmother! Chad had her ring made and it was supposed to be ready in time for her birthday trip to Savannah but wasn’t (and that’s another story!).

We both had to work the 2 nights prior to New Year’s Eve but we slept a few hours on the 31st and woke up to join the other crazies at Epcot. All night long Chad was bouncing off the walls while Lauren was dragging the later it got. All night long, Chad was directing Lauren to all these random spots that they never ventured to…EVER. Lauren was a little thrown off but did not think much of it. As midnight approached, we were waiting in line in the France Pavillion for a glass of wine. After getting our wine, Chad directed Lauren to a quite spot and Lauren suggested they take a pictures (since we take the best selfies!). While getting ready to take the picture, Chad put the ring on his finger so it would be visible when Lauren checked the picture. He handed her phone back to her and while she was looking at the picture, Chad got down on one knee and her to be his wife!! Afterwards, we enjoyed NYE fireworks! Chad said it was easy to propose when he knew Lauren’s answer would be yes….the date was set, her dress was bought, and the venue was already booked!

He picked a beautiful setting for my great grandmother’s pearl and the proposal was beyond perfect!