Lauren and Casey - a Flip Book of the Proposal

At the time of the proposal, I was working as an event coordinator for a venue in Fort Worth. I thought Friday, June 11 would be just a normal work day for me.

We had a wedding that night and the bridal party was already at the venue getting ready for the wedding that would take place that evening. I thought it was odd that no one had come and asked any questions at all that day, and my boss and co-worker did a great job keeping me in my office all day long. Finally at 3:30, my boss came up the stairs and told me the mother of the bride had a few questions for me and asked that I go down there and help her out.

The mother of the bride met me right outside the stairs and started walking with me toward the reception area. I started talking to the MOB and noticed she really wasn’t asking any questions at all… just staling I guess!

Finally, we get to the reception area, and as I listen intently to the MOB, I notice a man in the corner of the room. Like a goofball, I just wave politely at this “stranger” and then realize that it was Casey! All I could say was “what are you doing here???”.

He took me by the hand, led me to the dance floor, and as our song started to play over the speakers he says to me “I just want to give you a glimpse of what it’s going to be like to dance as Mr. and Mrs. DeRosa”.

At this point, I totally knew what was going on, but little did I know the entire bridal party and my boss & co-worker were in on it, my sister was hiding behind greenery that surrounded the room, and my favorite photographers (Aves Photographic Design) were there capturing the moment!!

As Casey and I danced, he told me how much he loved me, and how he wanted to spend forever with me, and numerous other sweet things I really can’t remember because I was just so excited! At one point I told him “this is perfect!! I am so excited!!” to which he said “Why? I haven’t done anything yet!”

When the song ended, he got down on one knee and asked if I would spend forever with him! Of course I said “YES!” (actually I probably said it at least 20 times!)

After the proposal, the bridesmaids broke out into applause. We toasted with champagne and took several more pictures so we could remember this moment for the rest of our lives!

It was such and incredible moment. It was the absolute most perfect proposal. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!

Photos by Aves Photographic Design