Lauren and Caleb

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How We Met

It was a warm, sunny day at the Pompano Golf Club in Florida where I golfed with my family regularly. I had just moved to Florida, where my family lived during the winter, after graduating college. Before our round I went to the golf range and quickly made eyes with a handsome blonde haired and blue eye cutie. After a few minutes of practicing (even though I couldn’t focus) he walked over to me, and said he was a golf pro and that “I had a good swing”. He gave me his card and said I should call him to play sometime. A few days passed and texted him, which was unlike me but I knew no one in the area, and thought it would be nice to play with someone new. We went back and fourth via texting and made plans for golfing. That day was an absolute washout, and by far the coldest day of the whole year…so no golf.

Instead I invited him over to my place for drinks on the water. He brought over a fancy bottle of wine, which I thought was a nice gesture and we sat and started talking, we didn’t stop. Hours had passed, it was the most amazing date of my life. Our chemistry was instantaneous. After that we started dating, I asked why he was even at that golf range because it was an hour away from where he lived. He said a few people he knew from the club had invited him to play there and he had a bad day on the course (which hardly happens to him). Being frustrated he went to the range to practice and let off some steam, then he saw me. I had only been living in Florida for a few days. I’m a firm believer in fate after knowing what little details happened for our paths to cross. We love to go golfing together, and tease how one golf range changed everything for us. I’m so happy it did, I could not imagine life without him.

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how they asked

My parents told us that we were going to Hawaii for the holidays to visit my family there. I was filled with excitement because with a large family scattered across the world it’s hard to get everyone together. We arrived in Hawaii on the 20th and would be leaving January 4th. Christmas had come and passed, and we were enjoying our amazing vacation with family and loved ones.

The night before New Years Eve my grandma had announced to everyone that we would be having family pictures the next day since everyone was together, and that we should meet at their house at 3pm. After pictures she said that we would be going to a nice dinner, and a benefit concert. I thought nothing of it because the last time we were all together we had family pictures taken.

It was 2:55pm on New Years Eve as we headed to my grandparents house to get “pictures”. We got out of the car and Caleb guided me towards the front lawn. I said “wait why aren’t we going inside first” he said he had been texting with my mom and everyone was around the house already.”

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As we got closer, I saw at the end of the lawn rose petals made into a heart, and beautiful bouquet of peonies my favorite flower, pictures of our beautiful life spent together so far, and of family members that wouldn’t be there with us.

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On Mount Haleakala with panoramic views, Caleb took my hand and asked me to be his forever. My heart completely melted, and without hesitation I said yes!

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Tears started falling as I thought about our future together, and how happy I would be to get to share the rest of our lives together. Continuing to travel the world together, new life adventures, starting a family and growing old together. We held each other soaking in the moment our what our love was capable of creating.

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Don’t mind the black mascara smear on the fingers as lots of happy tears were wiped! We then went over to pop a bottle of champagne. My smile could not have been any bigger – it was by far the most amazing moment of my life.

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We were then greeted by family and loved ones who had watched the whole thing! I was so happy how Caleb had planned every small detail, and to share our very special moment with family. I am so close with them I could not imagine our engagement without them.

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My grandfather made a beautiful toast, and we headed off to dinner and the concert to benefit the Maui Food Bank. Still on a high from the most amazing moment of my life we danced as an engaged couple for the first time listening to legends like Alice Cooper, Steven Tyler, Linda Carter and Michael McDonald. Once the performance was over everyone headed to rooftop to countdown to midnight and celebrate the start of the New Year. When midnight rang we kissed under the stars as fireworks lit up the entire skyline. It was the most magical night of my life, I couldn’t image a more perfect day to the start of the rest of our lives.

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