Lauren and Caleb

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How We Met

Caleb was a nurse at the same hospital I was working at! I had seen him in passing and then he popped up on my “People You May Know” on Facebook months later and I had the courage to reach out to him! Nothing came of it until a few months later when we matched on a dating site and he said “Well Hello Stranger”. The rest was history! He is my best friend and I can be completely myself around!

How They Asked

Caleb & I met on July 1st of 2020. It was the first date I had ever been on where I left having zero reservations. Our parents knew things were serious from the start & they couldn’t wipe the smile off our faces so my dad requested a cookout to get to know Caleb’s family more. Little did I know after dinner during the Easter Egg Hunt I would get the best SURPRISE!

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A diamond ring inside of a green Easter egg. There was a little twist during the proposal when my niece ran off with the ring when Caleb got down on his Knee. But what made it all the more special was Caleb’s daughter chased my niece down and brought the ring back. I knew at that moment not only was he committed to me but his daughter approved of me as well and it was an incredibly special moment I will never forget!

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