Lauren and Brian

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How We Met

Brian and I met and fell for each other instantly. We clicked in a way that I’d never experienced before, and somehow we just knew. But we met on weekend he was in town visiting, and for a relationship to work, it would have to be long distance. Brian is an Amry Ranger in Tacoma, Washington, and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. That first night, I told him I couldn’t do a long distance relationship, but Brian wouldn’t give up. Once he was back in Washington, he continued to call and text me, and we would stay up for hours on the phone talking. I told him I was still skeptical of the distance, and to prove that he wouldn’t let me go, he bought a plane ticket to take me on a date Memorial Day weekend. That first weekend we spent together was perfection, and at the end of the weekend he asked me “how about we just make this easy and you be my girlfriend?” Weekends together were the happiest we’d ever been, and after five months, we knew we wanted to spend the rest our lives together.

how they asked

When it came time for Brian to deploy for Afghanistan, I was scared, and didn’t know how I would live without him. We knew we wanted to be together forever, but after only dating for five months, I wasn’t sure he would propose before he left. Brian spent his last three weeks with me before he left. The final week, I was at work as usual, when the receptionist told me I had a package. I go to the front and find a red rose, my car keys, and a clue telling me to drive to the first place we had breakfast together. I instantly tear up as I realized it was happening. I drive to the Park Cafe, and my sister Jill is outside waiting for me with a rose and a clue.

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She cries hugging me, and hands me the note. It tells me to drive to the first place we met, his best friends house. I get there and see Kurin outside in the bed of his truck waiting for me with another rose, and another clue. We hug and he tells me how happy he is for us. The clue tells me to drive to my parents house, and when I walk inside I find my sister Taylor with a rose and a clue.

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The final clue tells me to drive to the best hotel downtown, so we hop in the car together, as she fixes my teary makeup and hair. We pull up to the valet at The Grand America hotel, and my two best friends are jumping up and down, with a speaker playing Bruno Mars’ “I Think I’m Gonna Marry You,” crying and screaming “Can you believe it?!” I honestly couldn’t. They take me into the hotel, where my three best friends from high school are waiting for me. The group leads me down a hallway, and suddenly my Mom and Step Dad run up to my crying and hugging me, and at this point I’m bawling! My dad is at the end of the all and hugs me with love, as I notice a photographer taking pictures of us.

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They lead me to a door, and I walk outside alone. Outside, a path of red roses leads me into courtyard, and when I turn the corner, I see Brian waiting for me in the center.

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My heart has never been so happy. As he grabs my hands, he tells me he will love me the rest of his life, and gets down on one knee.

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I bawl “YES!” And he picks me up and kisses me. All of my family and friends rush out with champagne cheering! We all hug and cry and celebrate together, with the photographer catching every moment. I never knew I could be so happy, or that one person could feel so lucky and so loved. It was the most magical day of my entire life.

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Special Thanks

Erin Thunell
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring