Lauren and Brian

How We Met

Brian and I officially met in 6th grade. My best friend at the time told me there was this cute new kid on her bus, so she invited me to sleep over so I could see for myself. But I thought I was too cool in 6th grade and only liked the older boys, so I said Nah. Fast forward to the junior year of high school when I started to think Brian was kinda cute. Once he found out I thought that he told me he knew he had to ask me to start hanging out.

We hung around in the same circle, as I was a cheerleader and he was a football player. Pretty amazing! Fast forward again to college where I cheered at Samford University in Alabama, and he played football at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. Who knew we would sign up for long distance when we first started dating! We wouldn’t have changed a thing. We visited each other once a semester and both had a great core group of friends at our schools. Long distance was hard, but we knew if you put in the work and really wanted it, it could be a breeze. We both graduated in May 2016 and moved back to our hometown of Palm Beach, Florida.

how they asked

Brian had planned a fun weekend getaway for my birthday in April to NYC. We planned every day out and had SO MUCH FUN together. From shopping in SOHO to walking the Brooklyn Bridge in the rain, we love going on adventures together. The Friday of our trip was THE day. The weather was perfect (a little cold for Floridians)!

We started the day with tea at the luxurious Plaza Hotel. The tea was full of amazing desserts and champagne, what more could a girl ask for!? From The Plaza Hotel, we headed to the Upper East side of Central Park to The Conservatory Gardens. Looking back, our uber ride up was pretty quiet – AKA his nerves were starting to kick in! We were greeted by one of Central Park’s grandest entrances, the ornate Vanderbilt Gate at the Conservatory Garden. From there, we walked through the magnolia and lilac trees of the English garden, stopping to admire the statue of author Frances Hodgson Burnett. To the north lies the Italian garden, featuring crabapple and yew trees in addition to a large fountain and a wisteria pergola. Since I am Italian, Brian kept hinting at wanting to see the Italian side of the garden. Of course, I was curious, so we headed to the Italian side.

As we were admiring the fresh blooms, fountains, and peacefulness of that side of Central Park, Brian told me he had something important to talk to me about. From there, he leads me in a prayer over our relationship and got on one knee to ask the question every girl dreams of hearing.

SUCH A DREAM! He hired a freelance photographer to capture every moment. We were then able to walk through the rest of the garden while our photographer trailed close behind to make sure every memorable moment of our special day was captured.

PS the pictures were truly incredible to look back on. We continued to walk through the rest of Central Park to take in everything that had just happened! We slowly strolled around The Central Park Lake and took pictures on our own because HELLO ENGAGED! We decided to head to the MET after the engagement in the park, which was so fun! We grabbed cappuccinos from the cafe and headed to the rooftop for a full view of our favorite city while enjoying their new rooftop exhibition.

I could not have asked for a more magical day! Our day in the Upper East Side was finished at Sant Ambroeus with a rosé cheer to a day we would remember forever!

Special Thanks

Anthony Randazzo
JC Martin Jewelers
The Ring (Brian said Andy was incredible to work with! The two created MY DREAM RING.)