Lauren and Brian

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How We Met

We developed a gradual relationship after meeting in the operating room at Florida Hospital where we both work. We became friends over the next several months until November 10, 2015, which we deemed “Super Tuesday”. We decided we would wake up early to watch the sunrise and that is the day we decided to make our relationship official.

Brian: What I most love about Lauren is her ability to love me, one of the most loyal people I’ve ever met, smart, great heart, hard worker, and absolutely beautiful. But one of the things I love most about Lauren is that she’s always down for my crazy ideas (mostly within the confines of the law) She truly is my partner in crime. Lauren adopted Lola in January 2015.

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I adopted her without knowing a background story of where she came from, how she used to live, or how she acted and it was one of the best decisions I have made. She is a sweet, old soul who loves to keep the couch warm most of the day. However, as soon as you pick up her leash, she immediately runs to your side with a wagging tail. She seldom barks but when she gets excited or wants to be let out, she makes a Chewbacca grunt to let you know when she wants to be heard.

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Lauren: His caring attitude at work drew my attention, but the love that outpours from Brian’s heart every day is what I love most about him. Brian is truly the most patient, kind-hearted people I have ever met. His love is unwavering and his gracefulness in trying situations is inspiring. He truly is my better half.

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how they asked

We both took time off in April to enjoy a spring snowboard adventure in Banff Canada. Our first full day there we decided to go on a hike through Johnston Canyon instead of snowboarding. Along the way, we would stop to admire the beauty, to take pictures, and mostly to avoid slipping on the icy tracks. As we neared the half-frozen waterfall, there was a small area to take pictures.

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We waited our turn to get through to the small area and when it was our turn, Brian had a wonderful idea to have someone take a picture of us with the waterfall in the background. As I got in position for the picture I turn around to see Brian on one knee.

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