Lauren and Brian

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How We Met

Brian and I first met while working at St. Mary’s Hospital in Passaic, NJ in 2011, and I must say at it was definitely NOT love at first sight! My mom had gotten me the job while I was still in college, and Brian was working as an outside vendor within the hospital, so he did know my mom and my boss very well. We had just both gotten out of relationships and really weren’t looking for anything serious. After knowing each other about a year, and becoming more and more friendly, we decided to set up a double date (which was a big mistake!) at a Cuban Restaurant near by. Well, Brian shows up in sneakers and a work t-shirt and just sat in silence the entire night, while my friend, her “date” and myself were chatting. At the end of the date, Brian shook my hand and said “Have a good night”. I just stared at my friend sort of dumbfounded, and we then decided to go to a bar ourselves to, of course, chat about the course of the evening. The “date” for my friend ended up texting us to meet up at the bar as well, because he felt bad, and made Brian tag a long with him. We met up at the bar and started to loosen up a little, then in the middle of us starting to have a good time, Brian says he has to leave after one drink, leaving me with my friend and her date. We ended up having a good time actually, but I was pretty bummed at how the evening had turned out.

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The next day at work, Brian and I were kind of quiet to each other and things were a little awkward, but we kind of just went on with our day. I was leaving for vacation later that week, so I was looking forward to just getting away from work and everything else. That same week, my dad ended up being rushed to the hospital where I worked. I was at home when a family friend told me he was being rushed there and my mom was with him. I was trying to contact all the people who I thought might still be there to go and meet my mom when they arrived in the ambulance, but no one was answering. The last person I contacted was Brian, who was still there, and went down to the ER where he met my mom and told the staff that he would be coming in (since he knew basically everyone down there). He was so helpful that whole week when my dad had to stay in the hospital for a few days recovering, going down to introduce himself and to make sure he was being taken care of, it really made me look at him in a different light. We started talking again and finally went on a proper date to a hibachi restaurant (where he proceeded to get lost en route and not make reservations, so we had to wait forever and ended up eating at the bar area). Fast forward 5 and a half years, and he we are today, happier than ever!

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how they asked

Disney had always been a huge part of my life, going every year since I was a baby, and sometimes multiple times a year! Thank goodness Brian is a Disney fan as well, and we’re able to share a passion for it. I had always dreamed of being proposed to in front of the castle, and having my fairy tale wedding at Walt Disney World. I knew Brian was “the one” after a few months of dating, but we both weren’t in a hurry to get engaged or married anytime soon, we were just enjoying our time together. Since our first trip in 2012, I had always mentioned that I wanted to be proposed to in front of the Partners Statue (which is still in front of the castle) because I love the meaning of it, and because Walt is kind of a hero to both of us, proving that “If you can dream it, you can do it”. We have gone to Disney plenty of times together, and each of those trips hold certain memories for me, but our trip to Walt Disney World in May of 2017 would become the best yet! We were making our annual trip to Disney with my parents and sister, who had just turned 21 and we were celebrating that. My parents and sister drove down and Brian and I flew since we both had to work.

Brian had kept hinting at wanting to go on our own to Disney later in the year, which made me think he’d probably propose then when we were by ourselves, so I had NO intention of coming home with a ring on this trip! (Although he did suggest we wear our matching shirts going down, which was a little odd to me) We got down to Disney very early in the morning on May 19 and ended up meeting my parents at Wilderness Lodge where we were staying. I am NOT a morning person, so all I wanted was food and coffee, then I could proceed with my day. It was way too early to check in, so my mom suggested we go to the Magic Kingdom and grab some food and do some rides while we waited for a text that our room was ready. So we headed over to the park, and I was so looking forward to food! Brian kept saying he wanted a new hat (he always wears Mickey Mouse ears down there since he’s a kid at heart) so we decided to go and get him a new hat while my parents said they were going to get my sister a Happy Birthday Pin. Little did I know, they were scoping out a Photographer to capture the moment!

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My sister ended up calling me while we’re still waiting for Brian’s hat to be personalized saying my mom wanted to take a family picture in front of the Castle, which was odd to me since my mom NEVER wants to take a picture. So we mosey on down going through the stores, when my sister calls me again, telling me to hurry up, so we hurry up and meet them in front of the Partners Statue. We go ahead and take our family pictures, then the Photographer suggests Brian and I take our own picture. Still not thinking anything of it, and still annoyed that I hadn’t had coffee yet, we keep taking pictures in all different poses. There was a huge crowd as the show in front of the castle was about to start, and the Photographer tells us to look at each other and smile. As we’re looking into each others eyes, Brian begins by saying “We have a lot of memories here, huh?” I reply with “Yes we do!” and at this time, I have a small feeling that he’s about to pop the question. He then proceeds to take something out of his pocket and says “Do you want to make one more memory here?” and pulls out the most beautiful ring in a Cinderella Box (because I love Cinderella).

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I honestly don’t remember anything else he said since everything is such a blur, I just remember him asking me to marry him and with the ugliest crying face, I said YES! It was the most magical moment and I’m so happy that he pulled off every detail that I had ever dreamed of! My sister and dad were taking tons of photos of the proposal, while my mom just stood there crying. Afterwards, we stepped off to the side and my sister pulls out “Future Mr” and “Future Mrs” t-shirts with our engagement date on the back, and Brian proceeds to tell me that we had reservations at Cinderella’s Castle for dinner AND that he had arranged to have our Engagement pictures taken at Epcot later that week! My sister had packed different outfits for me to chose from, everyone had been planning this since December of 2016! We’re now in the middle of planning our Disney Wedding for April of 2019 at the Grand Floridian and Wedding Pavilion. It really is a dream come true!

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