Lauren and Brandon

How We Met: We met at the place we both work. We are in different departments, but she worked with mine often. We would casually chat on and off about light stuff and joked around a lot. I was in a relationship at the time, but was very hesitant on where it was headed. After ending it, I got the nerve up to ask Lauren out to dinner, as we had talked about sushi several times.

During the date, something told me I was going to marry this girl. It hit me out of nowhere. My future was just there, sitting in front of me. On the day of our third date she came to see me at the fire station I was volunteering at. She brought cookies, which the guys quickly approved of, and we took some pics after talking. She put on my bunker jacket and turned around at that moment I took one of my favorite pictures of her.

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How I Asked: She does yoga and coffee with one of her closest friends, Alex, every Saturday morning. So I planned for another one of her friends, Tieranny that lives in VA to come down and surprise them at a coffee shop. I prepared a gift box containing a spa towel with her new soon to be initials on it and two cards. One describing my love for her and my intentions for her day, the second letter containing instructions on what to do after she left the coffee shop. This was delivered to Lauren at the coffee shop by her friend Tieranny.

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The next instruction was for her to retrieve a key I had placed at a local car tuning shop that I frequent. There, my friend Jordan was waiting for her with a very special key, that she could get if she could answer a question! After getting it right, she was off onto the next part!

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After she retrieved the key, the next instructions in the card were to meet me at Hiro Japanese Steakhouse at 5pm, where we had our first date. The rest of the day was hers to get ready and be excited. The two girls then went dress shopping and had girl time. Tieranny even did Laurens, hair, I was blown away when I saw her.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Hiro japanaese Steakhouse

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When she arrived at our meeting place I was sitting on the bench waiting for her, just as I did on our first date, but WAY more nervous and excited!


Seeing her on both occasions made me feel like I could not live without her. I told her how I felt and asked her to get the key out…


I held out a padlock with the ring on it in a way she could not see the ring. As she unlocked it, I opened my hand exposing her perfect ring…


and then I knelt down and popped the question….


After the big tear filled yes, we took the key and locked it on itself so it cannot be undone again.


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All of this was captured by a friend if mine hiding in the parking lot. We then went inside the restaurant where I had gathered about 20 of our closest family and friends to help us celebrate our night and share dinner. It was unbelievably perfect.


And here’s Tieranny sneaking in behind her!


Lauren showing it to her parents…


And before we went to eat, we couldn’t stop kissing :)