Lauren and Blake

How We Met

Blake and I met 4 years ago during our freshman year of college. He played baseball and I played basketball so we ultimately met by hanging out with the same people. We started out as really good friends and eventually became best friends which then eventually turned into dating.

how they asked

It was our second day of vacation in Las Vegas with his family for a end of semester celebration. We had been to Las Vegas the previous summer with friends and were so excited to go back with his family. I hadn’t seen him all day due to the fact that he was golfing with his father and brother in law. But when he got back to the hotel at 5 he told me to get ready because we were going to go watch the fountain show at the bellagio and go to a nice dinner afterwards with the family. I was excited because the fountains were my favorite part of Las Vegas. We grabbed a drink for our walk over to the Bellagio (probably to calm his nerves) and waited for the show to begin. Once it had started he grabbed me and said he wanted to get closer to watch them so we were standing in front of his family (who was behind us taking pictures) I had asked for a pandora ring for Christmas and he told me I wasn’t getting it. So he said I think I got you a better ring instead and I hope you like it. He then got done on one knee and asked me to marry him. ( so I think, once he reached into his pocket to grab the ring my mind went racing and can’t remember a thing) it was the perfect place and time and I couldn’t have imagined it any other way.

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