Lauren and Blake

how we met

“I Slid into her DM” — Around November 2017, Blake was browsing social media, and came across Lauren’s Profile, Thru mutual friends. I (Blake) saw her picture, and browsed her pictures and had a “Different” Feeling about this girl. I noticed other guys and their comments on her pictures, but I went right for the Direct Message. We chatted thru their all the way until March. Lauren was not like any other girl I have chatted with. She cancelled dates on me, took forever to commit, to the point that I even told her “I am nobody’s Plan B” Cheesy right? Well March 2018 Lauren finally let me pick her up for our first date. I knocked on her door, and when she came to the door, She was just as beautiful in person as in her Pictures. I was blown away.

how they asked

our proposal was a Surprise. We had talked about marriage and we knew we wanted to Marry one another. Our Favorite spot to go and relax, clear our minds, or to just enjoy a cocktail at is, Corona Del Mar Beach. Blake showed me this spot on probably one of our first 10 dates. The view is beautiful, the beach is gorgeous, and its very relaxing to watch the Boats enter/exit the harbor. We go here during the day, or night but our favorite time to go is at Sunset. I (Lauren) had a very stressful week at work. Blake asked me on Monday of that week if we could have Date Night Friday night and if we could go to our favorite spot. I said Yes. Blake then told me Wednesday that he heard of an activity for couples to do, and that he would send me the instructions. The Instructions said that each partner is to write 5 of our favorite times spent with each other, and that we have to read them standing back to back in person. The instructions said “This is where it gets fun, Number 3 on your list should match your partners but don’t turn around until you’ve finished reading. I (Lauren) said OK and wrote my list. Friday came, and I had not had a good week. To top it off, when I got in my car to leave work to meet Blake on Friday. My battery was Dead. (I was clueless about any proposal).

I Wanted to cancel our Plans, but when I called Blake to let him know my battery was dead, he sounded anxious and said I will be there in 20 minutes. He showed up with a new battery and changed it for me like a nascar pitstop in about 2 mins. He then said “Keep Up, I got you a Nail Appt.” I’m talking his ear off at the nail salon as he’s waiting. We then went to his Home where we changed to get ready for date night. We arrived at the beach, set up some blankets and then Blake said “How about we read our lists” I was still clueless. He reminded me to not turn around until I was done reading. So, we turn back to back and as I started reading his paper, it was a letter and not a list. That “Activity” he told me about, He completely made it up. The last sentence in his letter said “Now Please turn around, and make this spot an everlasting memory for you and me” (I was STILL clueless) When I turned around, Blake was on his knee, ring in hand, and asked me those 4 special words.

Special Thanks