Lauren and Bill

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How We Met

I always laugh when people ask how Bill and I met because it is such an old fashioned story compared to how most people are meeting through apps and online dating these days…

I had just recently joined the Jonathan Club, a social club located in Los Angeles, and one of their clubs within the club is Breakfast Club, which both my grandmother and Bill’s grandmother attend every Tuesday, bright and early at 7:30 in the morning. My grandmother convinced me that Breakfast Club would be a great place to mingle and network before jetting off to work on Tuesday mornings, plus the gourmet breakfast made the early wake-up call worth it! As luck would have it, I pulled myself out of bed that first Tuesday to make an appearance.

At my first official breakfast club as a “Jonathan,” my grandma introduced me to all of her friends, including one of her closest friends, Judy, who pulled my aside and told me I just had to met her grandson because “he’s a tax accountant, who just got his CPA and he loves bike riding.” In my mind, I was thinking hmmmm, I can’t even remember the last time I rode a bike, this should be interesting.

Now I have to break from the story at this point in the plot to point out that Judy is probably 5’4″ with vibrant red hair and is the biggest social butterfly I have ever met, so I was more than a wee bit concerned that I, at 5’8″, might be taller and much more socially awkward than this Bill character I was set to meet next Tuesday.

The big day came and as I was checking into Breakfast Club, your typical “tall, dark, and handsome” gentleman enters the room and asks the greeter if his grandmother Judy has arrived. Slightly nervous and excited, I turn around to greet said handsome gentleman and introduce myself “Hi, I’m Lauren – I’m pretty sure we are supposed to meet…” And with that we entered the dining room together and sat down next to our respective grandmothers, I would later learn that Judy is actually Bill’s step grandmother and that I was silly to worry about being taller than him, since he clocks in at 6’5″. He still likes to make fun of me for thinking he was going to be a 5’6″ red head.

Up until this day and now even after, I have never witnessed either of our grandmothers sitting in silence for so long, they were so concentrated on making sure that we were hitting it off that they were listening to every single word that was uttered. Lucky for us, and them, Bill and I did hit it off and have been dating for almost four years since we met at Breakfast Club.

how they asked

Bill has always been very interested in nature and landscape photography, so when he proposed an impromptu trip to Yosemite to take some photographs of the park with the snow covered trees, I didn’t think anything of it. I’ve only been to Yosemite one other time two years ago, but there was no snow, so I was excited to see what exactly the park looks like with a dusting of white fluffy powder.

Well we definitely got a lot less than we bargained for when it came to the snow. We ended up driving up from LA, a casual 6 hour drive, Saturday afternoon and got to the park by 5pm to find only a tiny base layer of ice on the ground. Needless to say we were mildly disappointed with the existing snowfall, but it was supposed to snow overnight, so we kept our hopes high. We ended up going to a delicious dinner at the Ahwahnee Lodge – if you ever find yourself in Yosemite, do yourself a favor and get the onion soup – seriously it’s the and then some! The short rib wasn’t too bad either ;)

We returned back to our hotel after dinner and overnight the weather did a serious 180. We woke up to a gorgeous scene of picturesque landscape covered in snow. And it was still coming down! We hiked around a bit after grabbing a quick bite to eat and got a couple of beautiful pictures of Yosemite Falls and the valley covered in white. The whole time we were hiking through the valley, the snow was falling and it was easily under 30 degrees! It was truly an amazing view but as a Southern California girl, it was a wee bit cold for my liking. So when Bill suggested we drive around a bit, I jumped at the thought of sitting in a warm car.

We drove around the park for another 45 minutes looking for a scenic spot to take a few more pictures, but the constant snowfall was making finding the perfect spot more difficult. We ended up back at our first picture taking site, Yosemite Falls and Bill set up his tripod with the perfect angle to capture the entire falls. The lighting had improved and the snowfall had lessened, so we decided to get a picture of the two of us. BUT of course, the remote was out of range, so Bill wasn’t able to get our picture the first time around.

Luckily, there was one man hanging out near the falls, Bill approached him and ask if he could take our picture. Bill made sure I was perfectly positioned on an invisible mark and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. And of course I said yes! Lucky for us, our new found friend was able to capture the most beautiful image of Bill’s proposal.

The best part of where the proposal happened was that we couldn’t call anyone for at least an hour after it happened, since cell service is almost nonexistent in Yosemite National Park. We were able to enjoy the moment together, knowing that we were the only two people in the world who knew what happened just minutes before.

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