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How We Met

About 4 years ago, Bill and I met working at a restaurant together in New York City’s Upper East Side. We had an instant connection, and things moved pretty fast. We started hanging out, and both immediately knew we would spend our lives together. Bill is a bit older than me, (17 years to be exact!) and some saw our relationship unconventional. As always, I could care less what anyone thought, so we went for it. 6 months after dating, I moved in to his apartment, and the rest is history. My family took an extremely quick liking to him, and were happy that I was in love with such a respectful and caring man. Bill traveled the world for the “pre-Lauren” part of his life, and was excited to take me on adventures with him. Our first trip was to Vegas for my 21st birthday, and since then, we have been on 8 extraordinary trips throughout 5 countries! We live for our travels, and since we now have opposite schedules, our two 10 day trips a year are what we look forward to most. There is no one I’d rather have these experiences with, and I am so lucky to call him mine forever.

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how they asked

It was a 95 degree day in Manhattan, and my coworker/very good friend told me that we were going to a watch exhibit on the West side. She let me know that we had to look “elegant” and dress up for the event. I left the house on Friday the morning of July 21st and had no idea what was coming. Her and I went to a few meetings uptown, and headed downtown around noon. She said before the event, she wanted to take me to this food truck her friend told her about in Central Park. With it being 95 degrees, I said “this better be worth it” and off we went. During our long walk, I was complaining the whole time about the heat, and was very unhappy she was making me walk through the park on this humid, sweaty day. As we continued walking, we were approaching the Bethesda Fountain, which so happens to be the exact spot Bill first told me he loved me in January 2014. I said, “Look Andrea, that’s the Bethesda fountain, have I ever told you that story?” She said no, so I began to explain how perfect that day was and how romantic Bill’s gesture had been. As we got closer, I saw a bunch of police officers holding up a sign and it seemed as if they were posing for a photo. I tried to walk the other way, but Andrea was walking toward them. Andrea told me to read the sign and I was so confused. Bill is obsessed with the Patriots, so of course it had to involve Tom Brady!

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It wasn’t until I saw Bill down on one knee behind the 11 officers that I knew this was all for me! My legs forgot how to work, and I shakily walked towards him. I kissed him, and he said his famous line “you are my unparalleled and ineffable love…. will you marry me?” I screamed “of course, you don’t even have to ask!” He opened the ring box, and I was so, so happy.

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(The significance of the “don’t cover your mouth” sign is that I have spent so much time looking at proposals and noticed most women automatically cover their mouths when they are surprised in the moment! My family and friends bet me that I would, so my sister made this sign, and if I didn’t see it behind him, I would have put my hands there! It is a natural reaction!!) Bill then pressed play on his phone and our song came on and played loudly throughout the area. I was still in shock, and he walked me over to the terrace overlooking the fountain. He said “I have one more surprise…” It was then when I saw 20 of our family and friends standing there screaming and holding signs. That is the moment when I lost it, and it finally hit me that this was happening! Our friends and family came up the stairs and joined us, everyone crying and so happy. We then went to the restaurant that Bill manages and had a lovely lunch to celebrate.

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The day could have not been more perfect. I waited a very long time for this moment, and didn’t think it would happen when it did. We have a trip planned later in the year to our favorite city, Amsterdam, and I was sure it was going to happen there! Bill is always full of surprises, and is very romantic. For him to go above and beyond as he did was expected, and very well thought out. A huge thank you to the NYPD officers who helped him pull this off. And to all of our friends who kept this a secret from me for weeks. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with the most perfect man!

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