Lauren and Bijan

Where to Propose in Cabo San Lucas Playa Grande Resort

How We Met

Bij and I met in college through greek life and mutual friends. We never anticipated falling for each other the way we did, but it’s so exciting to share our happiness with all of our college friends from Ohio State.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Cabo San Lucas Playa Grande Resort

How They Asked

We were in Cabo San Lucas for my family’s annual trip to somewhere warm and tropical. The past 6 months had been rough – I had just lost one, my brothers, in August and Bij’s dad is pretty sick at the moment – so this trip was a nice stress relief for both of us. We were all dressed in white and taking family photos for our Christmas card (or so I thought). The photographer separated us by couples and when it was our turn, after a few normal pics, she asked us to turn around and look at the ocean.

When I turned back around, Bij was smiling at me and down on one knee. I was so convinced he wasn’t going to propose on this trip I said “What are you doing? Get up, you’ll ruin the picture.” until I realized what was happening. We both sort of blacked out during the actual proposal and what we both said but it was the happiest moment of my life. The ring is three stones, a large diamond, a small diamond, and a sapphire – all from three different family rings. It’s so stunning and unique, he did such a good job! I can’t wait to marry my biggest supporter and confidant – the absolute man of my dreams.

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