Lauren and Ben

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How We Met

So, Ben and I have been best friends since middle school. He was my first kiss, my first love and my first real “boyfriend.” We met when I was in 8th grade and he was in 7th. His family had just moved back to Germany and just started at the same school I was in. When I first met him I thought he was so stranger. So strange in fact that I told my brother not to be friends with him. After a semester had past by, Ben’s mom (who knew my mother pretty well) asked if he and his brother could stay at our house for a couple weeks while Ben’s parents went back over to Germany. My mom of course said yes, and I was not amused. To my surprise during the duration of those two weeks I would start to developed a crush on this kid.

how they asked

Fast forward 9 years and here we are on our engagement day! So Ben had obviously been planning this for awhile. So a few days before I get a text from Ben’s brother, Brinson. He’s a graphic designer and has done some album artwork for Relient K (which was my favorite band in middle school and high school). So he texted me and said he was working on a music video for Relient K and needed another girl to be in the video and asked if I was interested. At this point I was obviously having a huge fan girl moment but tried to play it off cool and just said “Yeah, I’d love to.” So, after this point I was starting to see some signs that maybe, just maybe Ben was going to propose soon. So Tuesday, August 9th came. Brinson, girlfriend, a friend, and I headed off to shoot this video.

He told me we were just gonna shoot some footage in random places heading up to the mountains. So we drove up to Caesar’s Head. We walked through some bushes and shot some footage around some lookouts. So after we got some good videos, Brinson suggested we climb a fence and grab some footage at a beautiful lookout. In order to get to the lookout we had to trek through Some this brush. He kept insisting that I go first and he would shoot from behind. As I crept through the bushes I finally hit the lookout spot. As I looked up I saw a guy sitting by the edge facing away from me. At this point I thought it was some random guy, so I went to turn to Ben’s brother to tell him there’s a guy out there. As I looked back I saw Ben turn around and it was like it was a dream.


I was so confused, excited and shocked. I walked towards Ben in shock trying to take in what was happening. He started saying some words to which I don’t remember, and I stood there filled with such joy and love. The man I had loved for so many years was getting on his knee and asking me the best and easiest question I’d ever been asked.

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All I remember saying is “oh my gosh yes yes yes!” It was after this moment I realized I was not in fact in a music video. Ha! Brinson and his friend started taking photos and a few minutes later it started pouring rain. Instead of running away, we ended up staying and capturing the most dramatic and epic pictures in the rain. I’m so excited to say that I get to marry my absolute best friend May 21, 2017!!


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